• Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) at 聽LLC
  • Former senior risk manager at FX Solutions LLC
  • 20+ years of experience trading the financial markets


Akhilesh Ganti, who is registered as a commodity trading advisor (CTA) and listed as a principal of ArctosFX LLC, has traded the financial markets for over 20 years. He has experienced both sides of the 鈥渕arket maker/price taker鈥 dynamic that defines a market.

As senior risk manager at FX Solutions聽LLC, he effectively deployed strategies to mitigate 鈥渕arket maker鈥 risk. His current role, as a CTA, is that of a "price taker." He is directly responsible for all trading, risk, and money management decisions made at ArctosFX聽LLC.


Akhilesh has earned BS (biochemistry) and MBA (finance) degrees from M.S.U.

Quote from Akhilesh Ganti

"Knowledge, an essential prerequisite for success in any undertaking, cannot be achieved without a commitment to exhaustive research. This has been, and will continue to be, the crux of my approach to trading the markets."