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Acoustical Solutions

Soundproofing and Custom Noise Control Solutions

Acoustical Solutions offers a complete line of soundproofing and custom noise control solutions engineered for the power and energy industries.

2420 Grenoble Road,
Richmond, VA 23294,
United States of America

Acoustical Solutions offers a complete line of soundproofing and custom noise control solutions engineered for the power and energy industries. Offering products such as acoustical blanket enclosures, acoustical wall systems, vinyl sound barrier, and soundproof doors, among others, Acoustical Solutions offers the widest product selection in the soundproofing industry. Our expert staff is available to help determine the right solution for you, offering excellent advice on noise control product selection and installation.

The range of products that Acoustical Solutions supplies to the world market includes:

  • AudioSeal™ vinyl sound barrier
  • Acoustical blanket enclosures
  • Empire acoustical wall systems
  • Pipe lag
  • Acoustical doors
  • Metal perforated panels
  • Sonex™ acoustical foam
  • Acoustical baffles and banners

Acoustical vinyl sound barrier

AudioSeal acoustical vinyl sound barrier is a sound transmission blocker that reduces sound from transmitting through walls, floors and ceilings. This limp-mass material made of high-temperature fused vinyl with no lead fillers is extremely dense, weighing one pound per square foot.

Acoustical blankets and enclosures

Custom engineered to consumer specifications, acoustical blankets made of durable vinyl-coated fiberglass and wall enclosures provide an effective barrier to significantly reduce sound transmission. Offering both easy-to-clean and mobile enclosure systems, each enclosure is modified to best meet your power and energy needs.

Acoustical wall systems

Each of our acoustical wall systems is fabricated from galvanized steel or similar metals and has two basic applications: noise enclosures and barrier walls. Consisting of individually sectioned wall panels, these systems provide both sound absorption as well as sound transmission loss. Sounds striking the perforated side of the sound panel will pass through the perforations and be absorbed by the acoustical material, while remaining sound waves will be reflected back to the source of the noise.

Noise-blocking pipe lagging

The high-performance AudioSeal pipe lagging is a 1lb/ft² mass loaded barrier with a reinforced foil facing. Typically used to wrap noisy pipes, AudioSeal pipe lag is ideal for blocking the noise that transmits through the walls of pipelines as air or other contents moves through it, as well as to increase sound absorption within the cavity.

Acoustical doors

Offering the industry’s widest selection of sound-rated doors, Acoustical Solutions can guarantee STC ratings of 41 up to STC 57. With the ability to manufacture oversized, undersized, double doors, swinging doors and tandem doors, we can custom fit your doors to each job’s specifications.

Acoustical foam panels

Sonex™ Class 1 fire-rated acoustical foam is an effective and attractive noise control solution for the power-energy market. The sculpted surface of the foam panels deflects sound waves, allowing the open cell Willtec material to convert sound energy into quiet, kinetic energy. Sonex acoustical foam panels are often used to absorb noise within machinery or equipment rooms.

Port Fairy Pilot Wave Energy Project

The Port Fairy Wave Energy Project, developed by BioPower Systems (BPS), involves the installation and testing of a 250kW bioWAVE pilot demonstration unit in the Southern Ocean, near the coast of Port Fairy, Victoria.

Theistareykir Geothermal Power Station

The Theistareykir (Þeistareykir) geothermal power station is being developed by Þeistareykir, a subsidiary of the National Power Company of Iceland (Landsvirkjun), in north-east Iceland.

Acoustical Solutions, Inc.

2420 Grenoble Road

Richmond, VA 23294

United States of America