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American Shrinkwrap Company

Wholesale Shrinkwrap, Shrinkwrapping Supplies and Protective Products

PO Box 150152,
Cape Coral, Fl 33915,
United States of America

For nearly 20 years American Shrinkwrap Company has been a stocking supplier of everything you need for any shrinkwrap application. Our distribution center carries a full inventory of shrinkwrap, from 12ft to 40ft wide, along with a full inventory of shrinkwrapping supplies and accessories.

We have all of your shrinkwrapping needs in stock and ready to ship the same day (for orders to qualify for same-day shipping they must be placed by 2pm EST). American Shrinkwrap Company is not just shrinkwrap; we also specialize in protective products for many different applications.

Through innovative concepts and a superior standard of customer service, we remain the leader in the protective products industry.

White, clear and blue shrinkwrap

American Shrinkwrap is a linear, low-density extruded polyethylene material. An important additive put into our shrinkwrap during extrusion is ultra-violet inhibitor (UVI). Not only does it prevent UV rays from damaging the item underneath the cover, but it also prevents premature breakdown of the shrinkwrap itself (especially in exterior applications).

Our shrinkwrap is stocked in white and, in select sizes, clear and blue.

Long-lasting shrinkwrap

When purchasing shrinkwrap be aware that some extruders use additives in their shrinkwrap to reduce their costs, or use reprocessed resin in the plastic. These practices seriously alter the quality and effectiveness of the shrinkwrap. American Shrinkwrap film is 100% virgin material. American Shrinkwrap’s film is a specially formulated blend that provides superior strength, longevity, impact strength, initial tear resistance and superior heat seal.

Shrinkwrap, with the use of a heat gun, shrinks and conforms to whatever structure and/or item is underneath it. Our shrinkwrap shrinks in both length and width up to 50% x 50%. Shrinking the plastic causes its consistency to change dramatically, making it thicker and very taut.

Protective shrinkwrap cover

When properly applied American Shrinkwrap provides a remarkable protective cover around any object. It is a form fitting, almost impenetrable barrier that resists wind, rain and other elements. Because the cover is heat sealed, it provides complete protection even under the most adverse environmental conditions but can be removed in minutes.

The uses for American Shrinkwrap are in almost every segment of the industrial and commercial marketplace. Manufacturing, the storage and shipment of production goods, aircraft and automobiles, protection from the elements during transportation or storage, pre-fabricated houses and buildings – the possible uses for American Shrinkwrap are endless.

Shrinkwrap accessories and other protective products

American Shrinkwrap Company is not just shrinkwrap; we are a stocking supplier of everything you need to shrinkwrap:

  • Propane or electric heat guns
  • Shrink tapes
  • Self-adhesive protective films
  • Safety knives
  • Zippers / zipper doors
  • Cross-woven strapping and metal buckles
  • Tension tool for strapping
  • Plastic padding foam coils and blocks
  • Leather safety gloves

Other protective products are available; please contact us for details.

American Shrinkwrap Company, Inc.

PO Box 150152

Cape Coral, Fl 33915


United States of America