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Anvis Industry

Rubber Expansion Joints and Rubber Products for the Power Industry

Anvis Industry designs, manufactures and sells rubber compounds, moulded rubber seals, and rubber-metal anti-vibratory pieces used in power technology

2 rue Pont Colbert,
78000 Versailles,

Anvis Industry designs, manufactures and sells rubber compounds, moulded rubber seals, and rubber-metal anti-vibratory pieces used in power technology, general industry, shipbuilding and railway.

Anvis Industry is a subsidiary of anvis France Decize and anvis group. Anvis products are known for their performance and durability. We manufacture our own rubber compounds and also develop specific formulations according to market needs.

Customised technical elastomer solutions

Consult an expert in technical elastomer solutions for industry. Our products, standard and specific, include:

  • DILATOFLEX® expansion joints and elastomer expansion joints
  • Spare rubber-metal vibration products (supports, suspension, joints, stop blocks and anti vibration mounting blocks)
  • Rubber products (seals, fenders, etc.)

Our know-how, technical expertise and versatility allow us to adapt to all types of markets (industry, railway, marine, energy, chemical, etc.).

Expansion joint and rubber product services

We also perform the following services:

  • Recommendation
  • Analysis, static and dynamic measurements, durability test
  • Research and development programmes for customised solutions
  • Modelling and FEM calculations
  • Expertise on site or in our laboratories
  • Vulcanisation of rubber belts on site
  • Inspection on site

Rubber expansion joints

Anvis Industry has been the manufacturer of DILATOFLEX® rubber expansion joints for over 50 years. We have a complete DILATOFLEX® product range for electrical power plants and the energy domain:

  • Diameter 32mm to 3,000mm and more (standard and specific rubber bellows, dogbone belts and U-profile belts, etc.)
  • Standard and specific products – some of our expansion joints are qualified by EDF for earthquake conditions, and we offer on-site expertise and vulcanisation

We can offer you:

  • Rubber expansion joints for all sorts of fluid (water, gas, oil, chemical fluid and food products)
  • Ant vibration mounting blocks
  • Surveys, tests, research and development programs
  • On-site expertise and vulcanisation

Quality-certified rubber expansion joints

Anvis Industry is certified according to:

  • ISO TS 16949: 2002
  • ISO 9001: 2000
  • ISO 14001: 2004
  • PED 97/23/CE for DILATOFLEX® expansion joints
  • IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard)

Expansion joints for cooling pipe systems

DILATOFLEX® expansion joints are used in nuclear and conventional power plants in safety-classified cooling pipe systems:

  • SEC essential service water system
  • CVF cooling tower forced draft ventilation system
  • SEN auxiliary cooling tower ventilation system
  • DEG nuclear island chilled water system
  • ASG auxiliary feed water system
  • JPD indoor firefighting water distribution system
  • PTR reactor cavity and spent fuel pipe cooling and treatment system

They are also used in other cooling pipe systems such as:

  • CRF-CEX circulating water system – condensate water system
  • TPA turbine driven feed water pump
  • CAX auxiliary condenser of turbine driven feed water pump
  • SRI conventional island closed cooling water system
  • CFI circulation water filtration system
  • CVI condenser vacuum system
  • SFI raw water filtering system
  • TEG gaseous waste treatment system
  • TER liquid waste discharge system, mussel traps, coolers, extraction pumps

Expansion joints for diesel motor power units

DILATOFLEX® expansion joints are used in LHP-LHQ emergency diesel generator pipe systems and in connections between turbines and condensers with dogbone belts or U-profile belts.

Rubber and rubber metal products

Other products manufactured by Anvis Industry include rubber metal anti-vibration pieces such GSS anti vibration, and all specific products in rubber or rubber metal.

Power Generation Applications

Anvis Industry has a complete DILATOFLEX product range for electrical power plants and the energy industry, with diameters of 32 to 3000 and more, as well as standard and specific products.