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Arun International

Custom-Design Diesel Generators

Unit F1, Dominion Way,
West Sussex,
BN16 3HQ Other,
United Kingdom

Unit F1, Dominion Way,
West Sussex,
BN16 3HQ Other,
United Kingdom

Arun International provides a range of diesel generating sets designed and custom-built to your specification, complimented by an array of mechanical auxiliary equipment, switchgear (415V to 11kV), distribution panels, motor control centres, SCADA computer-controlled systems with maintenance programs, remote monitoring systems and PLC equipment to provide a complete power-solution package. We can also supply UPS systems and transformers.

Manual and automatic power control panels

We design and manufacture a full range of control panels to suit every application. Our standard range includes the following:

  • Manual key start control panels
  • Automatic-start generator control panels
  • Automatic mains failure
  • Automatic transfer switch — contactor-based
  • Automatic transfer switch — circuit-breaker-based
  • Automatic transfer switch — on load device-based
  • Automatic synchronising panels
  • Enclosed manual-changeover switch panels
  • Distribution panels
  • Remote monitoring

A full range of optional extras is available. We will build to your specification.

Custom switchgear and distribution panels

We manufacture and supply switchgear and distribution panels, built to your specification, to anywhere on the globe.

Our switchgear includes 52kV gas-insulated switchgear, 24KV switchgear, motor control centres, LV switchgear, SCADA systems and PLAN4 maintenance systems.

36kV double-busbar outgoing feeder panels

We provide single and double-busbar panels of up to 36kV. The HV-X36 is a double-busbar outgoing feeder panel, with:

  • Busbar and disconnector department
  • Busbar and disconnector compartment
  • Circuit breaker compartment
  • Instrument transformer and cable connection department
  • Operating mechanism and control cabinet

52kV double-busbar outgoing feeder panels

We can also provide single and double busbar panels up to 52kV. The HV-X52 is a double-busbar outgoing feeder panel with:

  • Current transformer
  • Voltage transformer
  • Cable-sealing end socket
  • Vacuum circuit breaker
  • Busbars
  • Disconnecting/earthing switch
  • Disconnector
  • Bay control and protection unit REF542

UPS and DC systems

To complement our range of generating sets and offer a better service to our customers we offer a full complement of UPS and DC systems, from 10kVA to 2MVA. All technical details are available on request.

Our range of UPS and DC systems includes:

  • Standard on-line UPS systems (single-phase and small three-phase systems)
  • Delta-conversion UPS systems
  • Double-conversion UPS systems
  • DC systems for telecommunications
  • DC systems for rail traction

We also have a number of larger units available for long-term hire.

Distillate, heavy fuel oil or crude oil power packages

Arun International (Power) is structured to provide real power solutions that satisfy customers’ needs by providing the best-value package available, operating on distillate, heavy fuel oil or crude oil.

The company is structured to provide total systems solutions through standardisation and modularisation. A range of industrial base load designed generation equipment powered by the world’s leading prime movers is used to ensure the total integrity of your plant. Modern project-management services are employed to ensure that customer expectations are met.

Arun International (Power) Ltd

Unit F1, Dominion Way


West Sussex

BN16 3HQ


United Kingdom