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Meteorological and Oceanographic Data Systems

Automasjon & Data (A+D) is one of the world's leading companies for MetOcean or meteorological and oceanographic data systems.

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Automasjon & Data (A+D) is one of the world’s leading companies for MetOcean or meteorological and oceanographic data systems.

A+D’s main products range from simple weather stations to advanced complete helideck monitoring systems, vessel motion monitoring systems and environmental monitoring systems for marine and offshore wind users and other demanding applications. These systems are essentially very sophisticated weather stations measuring wind, temperatures, barometric pressure, motions, sea currents, waves, etc. They can also include a number of additional sensors and tailor-made functions that are essential for offshore users.

Typical add-on functions include stress monitoring, motion and accelerations measurements, alarm functions, SCADA applications and many others.

Software package for MetOcean systems

Offshore MetOcean systems are exposed to the most extreme weather conditions. They are expected to function perfectly and to measure accurately, providing correct data in order to document these conditions.

All offshore wind turbines, service platforms and vessels need environmental data for daily operational use and as an important tool for safety purposes. These systems are also being tailor-made to measure the movements and conditions of the helideck and are used as a tool for improving safety for helicopter traffic.

A+D has had its software package DADAS in use in a large number of MetOcean data systems all over the world since 1992. The DADAS software is basically a general data acquisition package incorporating a very flexible display module, a comprehensive reporting module, alarm modules and the possibility to control smaller processes directly. A large number of special functions have been integrated in the software in order to improve the user interface. Special emphasis has been put on making the data displays easily understandable for non-technical users.

Environmental monitoring systems

Environmental monitoring systems are often known as EMS / EMP systems, weather stations or MetOcean systems. They are an important tool for users both onshore and offshore. EMS systems using the well-proven DADAS software from A+D have been in use for more than 18 years and have an excellent track record.

Helideck monitoring systems for service platforms

A+D has been involved in developing helideck monitoring systems since these systems were first introduced. New systems will comply with all known rules and regulations worldwide, including the CAA CAP 437 and the Norwegian Standard for HMS systems.

Vessel motion monitoring systems for service vessels

A+D has been involved in developing vessel motion monitoring systems together with a number of the main players in the offshore wind industry. We now have a working system for monitoring all six degrees of freedom for smaller service vessels, both during transport to and from the offshore sites and during the critical phase of boarding the installations.

Meteorological and oceanographic sensors

A+D selects, operates and maintains the best sensors for the tough operational conditions offshore. Only sensors with an excellent track record will be recommended for use in such critical applications. A+D can supply everything from single sensors to complete turnkey systems.

Service work and calibration services

A+D has a well-qualified team of offshore service engineers, including experienced and certified support engineers onshore, who can undertake service work on all makes and models of MetOcean systems, EMP / EMS systems, HMS systems, meteorological and oceanographic sensors, etc. Our workshop is equipped for servicing and calibrating most kinds of sensors and instrumentation and has a fast-track supply line for spare parts.

Quality control

A+D has a working QA system compliant with ISO 9001 and all manufacturing and testing is documented thoroughly. The QA system has been audited and approved by a number of third parties, among them Achilles Joint Qualification System and CAA.

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