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Plant and Marine Engineering, Design and Information Management Solutions

Venture House,
Venture Way,
Dunston Technology Park,
S41 8NR United Kingdom

Venture House,
Venture Way,
Dunston Technology Park,
S41 8NR United Kingdom

For more than four decades, AVEVA has been providing the power industry with best-in-class design, construction and asset management solutions for all types of nuclear and thermal generating facilities. Based on the most advanced engineering design and information management technologies, and proven in demanding global projects, AVEVA solutions increasingly underpin the global growing energy supply.

Whether in meeting the energy needs of developing economies or supporting the creation, asset management and safe decommissioning of nuclear plants, AVEVA’s field-proven solutions have an unrivalled track record.

Fast, effective solutions for reliable power operations

AVEVA solutions are proven to save time and costs in power projects in a number of areas. Advantages include:

  • Fast project start-up
  • Reuse of design
  • Managed multiple-location engineering
  • The right construction information, at the right time
  • Information available for reliable operation

Basic power plant design and licensing

Basic design is the stage at which the outline design of the plant is developed. AVEVA solutions support you in developing the basic design itself, and in producing the deliverables required for the planning, financing, licensing and regulatory approval processes.

Solutions for effective power project management

AVEVA solutions give project managers full visibility of project progress and ensure controlled access to project data by providing complete overview of project progress, project control, change management, and information management.

Engineering and detailed design of power plants

AVEVA provides highly effective, proven and scalable solutions for the engineering and detailed design of power plants allowing:

  • Concurrent engineering
  • Design integrity of engineering
  • Design integrity of layout
  • Deliverables management
  • Change highlighting
  • Automated drawing production
  • Global working

Materials management

AVEVA solutions enable you to control all material throughout its full lifecycle; from initial identification by the engineering department, through procurement, to final installation, thus reducing the risk of over/under ordering and of delays on site caused by material shortages.


To achieve success in construction, AVEVA solutions ensure delivery of the right information and material at the right time for each stage of construction:

  • Site works
  • Fabrication
  • Construction
  • Commissioning and handover

Power plant operation and maintenance

AVEVA solutions assist in maintaining plant availability and operational efficiency by providing fast, easy-to-use access to integrated plant information.

AVEVA’s engineering portal and web-based collaboration tools provide fast, easy, on-demand access to integrated plant information. The portal can be loaded with data from a wide variety of information sources, from scanned paper documents to intelligent design data, to maintenance records and parts information.

Engineering design tools for plant modification

AVEVA solutions help you perform all kinds of modifications to the plant, from routine maintenance tasks to major refurbishments and complete life extension programmes.

AVEVA engineering design tools provide the integrated platform for plant design that EPC contractors have traditionally used for new-build plants. However, by integrating AVEVA solutions with laser modelling and photogrammetry, and utilising the power of 3D modelling, power companies now have the ability to shortcut refurbishment project schedules and reduce refurbishment costs.

Plant decommissioning

Working with AVEVA solutions, plant owners and decommissioning contractors are able to exercise more control over the entire decommissioning process, and to plan for a safe and efficient set of tasks for the entire project.

As with modifications, laser scanning and photogrammetric techniques can be used to quickly and efficiently capture accurate information about the plant which can then be used within AVEVA’s solutions to plan, validate and approve the decommissioning and dismantling activities. In addition, easy to use, web-based information portals can provide access to key information about the plant, such as the location and history of hazardous or contaminated materials.

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