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Power Systems Design and Manufacture

Power Systems House,
Malvern Road,
SL6 7RE,
United Kingdom

AVK|SEG (UK) has been involved in power systems design and manufacture since 1989 and is represented worldwide. The group offers a comprehensive range of services related to power system projects, including:

  • Site surveys and load analysis to ensure correct system rating and design
  • Project planning including system design, specification and co-ordination of peripheral systems such as switchgear and generators
  • Specialist loading, delivery and final positioning
  • Complete electrical and mechanical installation
  • On-site commissioning, client handover and operator training
  • Ongoing customer support including maintenance contracts and spare parts
  • Fast response: 365 days a year, 24hr emergency call-out cover
  • European-wide service cover for uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and gensets
  • Complete turnkey packages including all related services and equipment

A comprehensive guide to all products and services offered by AVK|SEG, including technical manuals, can be found on our power systems catalogue CD-ROM.

Battery and battery-less UPS

AVK|SEG is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality, state-of-the-art UPS systems that achieve optimum system reliability and integrity, and can be used for power-generation, power-conversion and protection equipment. The AVK|SEG technology includes both battery-based systems and battery-less systems.

Our range of battery-based systems and battery-less UPS is from 10kVA to 1,000kVA in single modules designed for easy paralleling for larger powers or for redundancy. System connecting voltages from low voltage (380V/400V) up to medium voltage (11kV) are available.

UPS, diesel generators and switchgear

AVK|SEG has an extensive UK client base for UPS and power projects, including turnkey installation packages for UPS, diesel generators and switchgear, plus all the associated mechanical and electrical installation of power schemes.

Our structure enables us to react quickly to customer requirements, providing expertise in the design, planning and implementation of power system projects in major sectors including energy; industrial and petrochemical; banking and finance; communications; commercial and retail; public sector; transport; and the Internet.

Uninterruptible power supplies

The AVK UPS series not only gives online equipment round-the-clock protection, but also offers a technically advanced and economic solution for the power supply requirements of modern data-processing equipment.

Our UPS offer true double-conversion on-line technology, high frequency conversion, digital control input, power factor of 0.98, low noise level, high efficiency and emergency circuit (EPO) for immediate shutdown. The IGBT rectifiers also give us a 0.98 power factor, less than 5% THD and reduced noise.

All these characteristics confirm that AVK’s UPS are an expert solution for any type of power supply requirement you may have.

Standby generation engines

AVK|SEG offers the largest selection of standby generation engines and ratings in the world. This, coupled with our extensive design and installation knowledge, ensures functional, reliable power scheme designs.

Typical ratings for our standby generation engines are:

  • AVK John Deere — 30kVA-440kVA
  • AVK Volvo — 200kVA-700kVA
  • AVK Mitsubishi — 7.5kVA-2,200kVA
  • AVK MTU — 650kVA-3,300kVA

AVK|SEG specialises in standby gensets open for plant room design, and also supplies acoustic canopies, ISO containers and bespoke housings for power schemes.

Servicing for diesel generators and UPS

All electrical equipment, including diesel generators and UPS, requires regular servicing to ensure reliable and efficient operation. System failure can be disastrous and costly.

Based in our Maidenhead office, our specialist technical team provides diesel generator maintenance, UPS maintenance, load banks hire, UPS systems, maintenance contracts; battery maintenance, site surveys, and load analysis.

Containerised UPS for hire

AVK|SEG can provide containerised UPS mounted on a trailer for short or long-term hire with rapid response. The containerised UPS for hire come complete with their own battery and output distribution switchboard.

If you are undergoing a major systems modification, we can provide high-integrity UPS that give you critical power support in a hurry. Main features include:

  • 500kVA-1MVA protection
  • 10min battery
  • 20ft standard ISO container
  • Redundant cooling systems
  • Manageable installation
  • Can be integrated with standby genset
  • Integral switchgear and distribution
  • Trailer-mounted for simple site access

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