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Maintenance and Repair of Boilers and Steam Generators

Zur Halbinsel 12,

DWT is a licensed manufacturer of portable pipe-bevelling machines for boilers, its products traded under the brand name Babcock. Primarily for membrane walls of steam generators and for heavy-duty pipes, DWT offers very specialized equipment for on-site operations, maintenance and production.

Deutsche Babcock, a German boiler manufacturer, developed these portable pipe-bevelling machines some years ago using its experienced and highly skilled staff. Consequently the machines are constructed in a very sophisticated manner. The most important advantages are:

  • Very low weight
  • Special applications for boiler tubes
  • High effectiveness and power
  • Long lifetime
  • Designed according to the needs of the user

Mechanized pipe-welding preparation

In practice it has been proved that weld preparation of pipe end-preparation greatly influences the quality of the welding junction. For welding applications of tubes with a high wall-thickness and for orbital welding technology today’s welding engineers require a perfect and effective weld preparation. This can be achieved using mechanized weld preparation.

Pipe bevelling and cutting systems

With DWT’s range of pipe bevelling and cutting systems, which have diameters from 12mm up to 1,090mm, pipes’ OD can be machined on-site. Light in weight, these machines are driven by pneumatic, electric or hydraulic motors and are controllable by a single operator. They have a high metal-removal rate, are easy to handle and are constructed in a rugged and compact way.

Even though these machines have been used in the boiler world by Babcock staff for more than 15 years, DWT started its export business just five years ago. Already however it supplies its products to more than 25 countries around the world.

Steam-boiler manufacturing seminar

Due to the increasing demand of manufacturing know-how in the energy sector, DWT announced its first boiler-manufacturing seminar in 2008.

The event was held in cooperation with other professional suppliers of the power generating industries, including Pemamek, Finland (a supplier of membrane-wall welding systems), Schwarze-Robitec, Germany (pipe-bending systems) and TH Wortelboer, Netherlands (stationary pipe-bevelling machines).

The seminar took place in the city of Essen, Germany, in DWT’s factory. More than 50 boiler experts from 15 countries around the world joined this special seminar, among them some big names like Alstom, Vulcan, Stork, Comelf, Babcock-Wilcox, Rafako and Thermax. Due to the good response of all participants, the seminar has become an annual event.

Umm Al Houl Combined-Cycle Power Plant

Umm Al Houl Combined-Cycle Power Plant is a part of Qatar’s biggest power and water projects and will be located in the Qatar Economic Zone 3, south of the capital city of Doha.

DWT to Hold Boiler Manufacturing Seminar in Germany

We kindly invite you to join our Boiler Manufacturing Seminar in Germany. DWT has been manufacturer in license for BABCOCK pipe cutting and bevelling equipment for many years. In this seminar we point out solutions for effective manufacturing and repair of waterwall boilers, membrane w

New Pipe Beveling Machine MF 6i-50

In practice it has been proved that weld preparation of tube ends influences in a high degree the quality of the welding junction. For welding applications of tubes with a high wall-thickness and for orbital welding technology, the welding engineer nowadays requires a perfect and effective weld p