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BBC Chartering

Ocean Transportation and Heavy Lifting Services

Hafenstr. 10b,
26789 Leer,

BBC Chartering

BBC Chartering supplies a range of high-performance inducement services for more than 30 high-frequency project trades worldwide, including the power, offshore and mining sectors. Since 1997, the company’s expertise is demonstrated by project deliveries, single cargo transactions and various strategic partnerships.

Breakbulk vessels for the energy sector

BBC Chartering owns one of the largest breakbulk fleets in the industry, which consists of more than 150 modern and multipurpose vessels.

Each vessel displays shallow draft characteristics and is capable of delivering any cargo to any port. BBC Chartering’s adjustable tweendecks enhance the vessel’s capabilities to accommodate any cargo, regardless of weight and size.

BBC Chartering plays an integral role in the carriage and handling of wind turbine power as the energy source grows in popularity. The company’s vessels serve even the smallest of ports, extending its reach to remote locations where wind turbines are employed.

Comprehensive network of industrial cargo vessels

BBC Chartering aims to supply a worldwide vessel network for every breakbulk, bulk, heavy lift and project cargo operation. The size and versatility of the company’s fleet delivers a high return on investment (ROI) by providing clients with the appropriate vessel for each project, while maximising efficiency and minimising waste.

Integrated project and ocean transportation services

BBC Chartering’s ‘any port for any cargo’ (apac) service delivers a unique combination of an efficient liner service and the flexibility of a project tramp service. This provides a high-level of economics, quality of service and shipping performance, in addition to environmentally friendly global ocean transportation for breakbulk, general cargo and project.

The benefits of BBC Chartering’s apac service include:

  • Reliability: BBC Chartering controls approximately 70% of the fleet
  • Minimal risk: market-leading shipping performance
  • High-value: integrated transport delivery and quality operations
  • Flexibility: inducements along trade lanes, for any cargo at any port

BBC Chartering’s apac service delivers integrated project solutions by using the world’s largest fleet of multipurpose / heavy lift (MPP / HL) vessels, a comprehensive project chartering network.

With 6,000 port calls managed through BBC Chartering every year, no other project carrier engineers performs and transports more cargo operations worldwide.

BBC Chartering GmbH

Hafenstr. 10b

26789 Leer


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