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Tubular Belt Conveyors

Beckum-based BEUMER Group, with affiliations around the globe, has been developing forward-looking intralogistics systems for more than 75 years. BEUMER provides individual customer solutions, products and systems which provide greater efficiency. One of the group's three product areas is conveying and loading equipment.

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Beckum-based BEUMER Group, with affiliations around the globe, has been developing forward-looking intralogistics systems for more than 75 years. BEUMER provides individual customer solutions, products and systems which provide greater efficiency. One of the group’s three product areas is conveying and loading equipment. At the beginning of 2010, BEUMER acquired KOCH Holding in the Czech Republic. This acquisition has enabled BEUMER to significantly strengthen its market position in the tubular belt conveyor sector.

Conveying and loading equipment

Examples of BEUMER’s products in the field of conveying and loading equipment include tubular belt conveyors, troughed belt conveyors, steel cell conveyors and bucket elevators. With the acquisition of KOCH Holding in the Czech Republic, specialists in the handling of bulk goods, BEUMER has introduced many more years of experience and expertise with tubular belt conveyors into its portfolio. Both companies have extensive experience and references in the development, planning and implementation of tubular belt conveyors. 

Curved conveyor belt systems

The BEUMER Group is one of the technological leaders in curved belt systems and conveyors in open design in the form of troughed conveyors, as well as an enclosed version in the form of tubular belt conveyors. Customers worldwide therefore have access to first-class know-how in the design of tubular belt conveyors and open curved conveyor systems within one company group.

Tubular belt conveyors

Tubular belt conveyors can be individually tailored to different customer requirements. The enclosed conveyor system is achieved by overlapping the belts. The belt quality is chosen depending on the application, capacity and length of the conveyor. Differentiation is made, for example between normal, heat-resistant and abrasion-resistant rubbers.

The tubular belt conveyor is basically used where dusty, wet, cohesive or light materials are to be transported. However, it is also used when there are exacting environmental requirements and/or the local circumstances demand a curved, narrow conveyor system. As well as different fuels such as coal and waste in power stations, it also transports limestone, gravel, ores and chemical fertilisers in other industries.

Tubular belt conveyor projects

As examples, the BEUMER Group has installed a 12.5km-long curved belt system in the Chinese province of Sichuan and a 4.3km-long tubular belt conveyor in the Ukraine, which transports material in opposite directions in the upper and lower strand. Two tubular belt conveyors from BEUMER have also been installed in a Dyckerhoff cement works. A special feature of these conveyors is their gradient of 29º.

However, depending on the material characteristics, a tubular belt conveyor can also overcome even steeper gradients due to its closed form, which is not possible with conventional troughed belt conveyors. Dyckerhoff has also taken the opportunity of equipping the conveyor with superimposed horizontal and vertical curves. This has enabled the length of the conveyor to be minimised and a further cost reduction to be achieved. These references show that the company not only offers standard solutions but also plans, builds and installs systems. These are matched to the individual customer requirements down to the last detail.

About the BEUMER Group

The BEUMER Group is an international leader in the manufacture of intralogistics systems for conveying, loading, palletising, packaging, sortation and distribution technology.

Together with Crisplant a/s and Enexco Teknologies India Limited, the BEUMER group employs some 3,200 people and achieves an annual turnover of about €500 million. With its subsidiaries and sales agencies, the BEUMER Group is present in many industries the world over. For more information, click the website link below.

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