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Voltage Detectors, Voltmeters, Phasing Voltmeters, Phasing Testers and Ground Testers

11142 Wilson Boulevard,
Blythewood, SC 29016,
United States of America

11142 Wilson Boulevard,
Blythewood, SC 29016,
United States of America

Bierer & Associates offers the most extensive and comprehensive line of voltage detectors, voltmeters, phasing voltmeters, phasing testers and ground testers in the industry. We are proud to offer you such a wide range of safety tools to make your job easier and, most importantly, safer.

Voltage detectors, voltmeters, phasing voltmeters and phasing testers

As the world leader in the manufacturing of voltage detectors, voltmeters, phasing voltmeters and phasing testers, we provide products that meet the high safety standards necessary to protect electrical workers from the hazards of their job.

Short or long-distance GPS phasing tool

The Phasing Ranger 1 is a short or long-distance GPS phasing tool. Phasing distances are tested up to 1,000 miles, and instantaneous real-time phase-angle readings range from 0°-360°.

Applications include absolute phase-angle identification, mapping and tagging, transmission phasing, distribution phasing, secondary phasing, capacitive test-point phasing, mobile substation phasing, all general phasing, CW/CCW phase sequences, URD and overhead, and flag delta/wye or wye/delta transformations.

Cordless phasing testers

Phasing has never been easier than with the exclusive, wireless technology of the PD800W® cordless phasing tester.

This cordless phasing tester accurately and easily operates in multiple applications including phasing, voltage detection, phase sequencing and phase-angle indication. You will only need this one kit for three-phase secondary systems, capacitive test points, URD systems and overhead and transmission/substation systems. A unique product, it operates like a conventional phasing tester, but does not require an interconnecting cable or extension resistors.

Each kit contains a reference probe (transmitter) and a meter probe (receiver). Each probe is water resistant, has a strong construction designed to withstand wear and is completely shielded to minimize stray field interference.

PD800W features include:

  • FCC-licensed wireless technology
  • The meter probe features a large, easy-to-read digital display with backlight
  • Both probes feature high-intensity color-coded LED indicator lights that are impact and water resistant, and designed to withstand wear
  • Requires no interconnecting cable between probes
  • Requires no extension resistors
  • Both probes are completely shielded to minimize stray field interference
  • Meter probe can be used as a voltage detector showing approximate voltage, in the URD or OH position, or with reference probe up to 69kV to ground
  • Cordless phasing tool direct contact from 120V-69kV
  • Cordless phasing tool (degree position only) is non-contact from 69kV-800kV
    phase URD systems
  • Phase-capacitive test points on URD elbows
  • Phase by using the phase sequence indicator lights in URD and OH positions
  • Phase angle indicator, showing actual phase angle relationship in degrees, in the degree position
  • Automatically alerts user of a delta/wye transformation by an indicator light blinking
  • Can be used to tie utility systems and cogeneration plants together
  • Operating range of 100ft
  • Kit is stored in a highly durable carrying case padded with foam

All-in-one phasing voltmeters

An easy, all-in-one phasing voltmeter with numerous applications, the PD Series® all-purpose utility meter is a phasing voltmeter designed to replace numerous other meters. Measuring AC or DC voltage with unbelievable precision and accuracy, it can be used on primary or secondary voltages or capacitive test points. There is no comparable product on the market.

The PD Series can be used as a capacitive test point phasing meter, regulator neutral detector commercial/industrial meter, and a conventional phasing voltmeter for overhead and URD systems from 0kV-25kV phase-to-phase applications.

With the addition of an optional adapter, it can also become a high-line resistive voltmeter, a phase sequence/rotation meter, a DC leakage tester (lightning arrestor tester), a hi-pot URD cable, and a DC cable tracer.

Other functions our all-in-one phasing voltmeter can perform include measurement of true RMS voltages, phasing or measuring of secondary voltages, replacement of 600V voltmeters, and DC and multiple-frequency AC up to 400Hz.

Bierer Launches New Service Tester and Phase Identifier

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