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Rigid Polyurethane and Elastomeric Products

United States of America

BMK supplies rigid polyurethane and elastomeric products to the utility, transportation, mining and fencing industries. Our products have proven to be superior on many levels, including side-by-side comparisons with competitors’ products. Most importantly, our rigid polyurethane and elastomeric products save our customers time and money. All our products are proudly manufactured in the US.

Two-part polyurethane pad-leveling system

Padcrete® is a two-part polyurethane pad-leveling system that eliminates the need for the costly replacement of unlevel concrete pads. Pad-mounted equipment such as transformer boxes typically shift or sink over time due to poor soil conditions, erosion, improperly compacted native soil, or just a poor job. The tricky task of leveling bases is effortless thank to Padcrete’s ability to grow, finding cavities you did not know existed.

Fast-reacting polyurethane chemical system

Polecrete® RSP™ is a fast-reacting polyurethane chemical system packaged in a disposable pressurized kit. These re-usuable, lightweight kits have been specifically designed to allow a single lineman to perform repairs to poles damaged by woodpeckers, insects, water and ground-level decay. Polecrete RSP enables poles to keep their flexiblity in storms, yet stay strong enough to support the weight of utility workers.

The system has no global warming or ozone depleting potential.

Two-part polyurethane backfill for setting utility poles

Polecrete® Stabilizer is a two-part polyurethane backfill product used for setting and straightening utility poles. It is a cost-effective alternative to pouring concrete, hauling crushed rock, or tamping soil. The process is easy: simply combine the Polecrete Stabilizer components, mix according to the instructions provided by BMK, and pour.

Polecrete Stabilizer expands up to 15 times its original volume. The polyurethane foundation is so strong that the pole can be released from the boom in as little as 15 minutes from pouring. Foundations laid with Polecrete Stabilizer eliminate time-consuming delays associated with tamping or waiting for concrete to cure. Polecrete Stabilizer also greatly reduces the labor and equipment costs that are usually incurred on return trips.

Two-part polyurethane backfill for setting signs and posts

Postloc® is a two-part polyurethane backfill alternative to concrete and tamped soil. Postloc was designed to save time and money in setting and straightening signs and posts. Expensive return trips commonly needed when using concrete are no longer necessary, saving valuable time, resources and labor.

Two-part polyurethane elastomer for road and pavement repair

RSP™ (Rapid-Set Polyurethane) is a two-part polyurethane elastomer product that provides a simple, fast and cost-effective solution for the repair of loose or failed concrete roadway sections, pothholes, spall, and cracks in pavement surfaces.

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United States of America