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Processing Software for Steel Constructions

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44793 Bochum,

bocad-PS processing software for steel constructions in the power industry provides you with a solution for the organisation and processing of projects in steel from start to finish. With state-of-the-art tools you are always able to access the appropriate information and to control the project’s process. With bocad-PS you can control the complex processes within your company with confidence.

Custom processing software for steel constructions

Thanks to a wide range of bocad-PS software modules you can compose your own product according to your particular needs and requirements. bocad-PS can be integrated into existing ERP systems smoothly, and therefore successfully used by companies of any size. Our more than 25 years of experience in the field of steel constructions sets standards and ensures quality.

With bocad-PS software as the tool for production control, you can easily unite the processes of planning, accounting, production and erection.

Planning / accounting software for steel constructions

The following software modules are available for the field of planning and accounting for steel constructions: project management, project processing, allocation of specification items, clocking system and production-data acquisition.

Production / materials management software for steel constructions

Our production / materials management software for steel constructions has the following capabilities:

  • Stock management
  • Ordering management
  • Workshop management
  • Geometric modeller
  • Plate nesting
  • Bar nesting
  • Labels
  • Post processors
  • Clocking system

Software for erection of steel constructions

bocad-PS software modules for erection of steel constructions on-site are delivery notes, bills of delivery and erection phases.

Processing software for steel construction features

Further capabilities of bocad-PS are:

  • Individual generation of parts lists for each module with free filters via assemblies and members
  • Address database for companies and persons of employees, customers and suppliers
  • Administration of means of transport (trucks and containers)
  • Individual interfaces and attributes
  • Simple data administration
  • Classification and viewer for drawings and certificates (BMF and PDF)
  • Compatibility to Microsoft Excel©
  • 3D presentation in all selection modules
  • Defined erection and delivery sequence

Advantages of our processing software for steel constructions

Other advantages of using bocad-PS processing software include the fact that all part descriptions are taken over and at hand at any stage of the project, and you can import drawings into the software from other programs. Furthermore, you can update changes from CAD without losing modifications already done in bocad-PS.

Each part is handled singularly, with individual information about it, not merely the geometrical information. All information for ordering, fabrication and erection is therefore available.

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