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Cooling Towers for Industrial Plants

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BOLDROCCHI TE designs, manufactures and sells cooling towers that are extremely robust, versatile and reliable; they are particularly suited for ongoing use even under severe circumstances.

Thermal recovery of cooling water used by equipment and/or industrial plants is our mission, and we devote the utmost care to solving this issue without causing additional trouble to our customers.

Evaporative cooling towers

Evaporative cooling is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective methods to cool medium to large quantities of industrial water, in terms of initial investment as well as operating and maintenance costs.

Evaporative cooling for water is possible with simple and easy-to-use evaporative cooling towers, as technical parameters have long ago been obtained. Our evaporative cooling towers have high versatility, since they can easily meet users’ needs and adjust to external conditions.

BOLDROCCHI TE, due to the fact that it is part of the BOLDROCCHI Group, develops its evaporative cooling towers with particular attention to durability. It promotes solutions that offer sturdiness and reliability, thereby avoiding technical exaggerations which do not comply with the parameters we seek.

Low-maintenance cooling towers

BOLDROCCHI TE aims to develop and manufacture cooling towers that require only extremely slender maintenance programmes (or none at all), in order to offer the best possible service to its industrial cooling towers’ end-users.

Small and large cooling towers

At present BOLDROCCHI TE is directing its production along two main product lines, namely the MEP — totally factory-constructed equipment, delivered assembled to the maximum extent possible (one or two packages maximum for each tower model) — and the CMK, which is heavier, with a structure made of robust sections and panels in stainless steel, delivered disassembled and then mounted on-site by our staff.

The MEP series is available in three different arrangements: the CV, equipped with its own cooled-water collecting basin; the SV, without the water-collecting basin but with protection louvres for air inlets; and finally the US arrangement without the basin or louvres.

The CMK series is available in the SV version only, without the basin, but with metal protection louvres for air inlets.

Cooling towers for industrial sectors

We have tower installations to cool water volumes from a few cubic metres each hour (MEP series) to over 5,000m³/hr (MEP and CMK series battery towers). They can be used across all industrial sectors, including the iron and steel industry, plastic moulding, glassware, the food-farming industry, the metallurgic industry and energy production.

Two particularly relevant construction characteristics aspects are worth mentioning: that our cooling towers have no spray nozzles, but stainless-steel non-clogging gravity water distributors instead; and the widespread use of a highly reliable splash fill, which is robust from a mechanical point of view (it does not scale), resistant to high temperatures, and non-clogging.

Non-clogging cooling towers

As we supply non-clogging cooling towers, they do not need operation interruptions in order to clean the nozzles or substitute the splash fill, with consequent elimination of disposal-related issues.

Our technical department, dealing exclusively with industrial applications, has devoted particular care and attention to specific needs resulting from different types of production. If requested, it is able to provide appropriate and relevant assistance both to technicians entrusted with project development and to staff who will develop and/or run the plant itself.

BOLDROCCHI TE is a company in the BOLDROCCHI Group and can therefore access the various areas of technical expertise within the Group (including ventilation, thermal exchange, vibration control and silencers.)


Via degli artigiani, 5

20046 Biassono (MB)