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Bridgestone Associates

Energy Consultants and Engineers

6 Independence Way,
Chadds Ford,
19317 Pennsylvania,
United States of America

6 Independence Way,
Chadds Ford,
19317 Pennsylvania,
United States of America

Bridgestone Associates is an international consulting group specializing in assisting energy users, energy suppliers, utilities, and power plant developers and owners to plan and achieve their energy-related objectives. Experts in the generation and utilisation of energy from renewable, sustainable and traditional fuel sources, Bridgestone provides a comprehensive range of energy consulting and design services, including project development, project assessment, facility design, financial modeling and energy management.

Over the past 25 years, Bridgestone has performed feasibility evaluations and assessments, due diligence on acquisitions, project development and design, and operational assessments on over 250 renewable, CHP, cogeneration, IPP, peak generation and other power generation facilities worldwide.

Renewable energy and power project consulting and advisory services

Bridgestone Associates provides a wide range of consulting and advisory services to energy users, marketers and producers in the renewable, sustainable and traditional energy marketplace. We also serve owners and operators of energy projects, equipment and service providers and financial institutions involved in the energy market. These services include:

  • Renewable energy, CHP, cogeneration, IPP and other power plant and energy facility feasibility evaluations
  • Strategic, business and market planning and development
  • Energy auditing, planning, and evaluation of energy consumption efficiencies
  • Financial and economic modeling
  • Acquisition and investment due diligence and project valuation
  • Grant writing and financing application preparation
  • Energy management strategy and utilisation planning
  • Tariff analysis and design

Power plant and energy project development services

The company’s principals have been directly involved in the development of numerous renewable energy, CHP, cogeneration, independent power projects (IPP) and other energy facilities worldwide including projects utilising wind, solar, hydro, wood, agricultural wastes, landfill gas, natural gas, coal, waste coal and oil. This experience and knowledge is used to take a lead or supporting role in the identification and development of power plant and other energy related projects. These services include:

  • Project development from concept to completion
  • Project identification and conceptual evaluation
  • Site identification and negotiation
  • Conceptual and preliminary design and equipment selection
  • Capital and operating cost estimating
  • Permitting and regulatory approval
  • Financing
  • Fuel negotiations and contracting
  • Electrical transmission interconnection negotiations
  • Contractor identification and selection

Power plant acquisition and disposition services

As a result of a wide range of experience in the energy marketplace, Bridgestone Associates’ personnel have developed a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of buyers and sellers of power plants and energy related projects. This experience includes:

  • Technical verification and suitability assessment of facility design
  • Understanding of current and past operations and maintenance practices
  • Valuation of a particular facility or business enterprise under current and future market conditions
  • Ability to structure, negotiate and document the right business deal for all parties involved in the acquisition or sale process

Power plant design and engineering

Careful design of facilities can be critical to the overall use of energy and the costs of operations. Bridgestone provides a full range of facility design and re-design services for renewable power and other energy production and energy using facilities, including:

  • Preliminary design and equipment selection of power generation facilities
  • Design of peak shaving, stand-by power, chiller, boiler and central utility plants for commercial and industrial companies
  • Evaluation of existing production and utilities systems to determine potential efficiency improvements and reduce energy consumption
  • Technical due diligence prior to or during operations for investment or financing purposes
  • Design of energy management and monitoring systems

Energy management and carbon footprint reduction services

Bridgestone provides a comprehensive range of consulting services related to auditing energy use and developing the necessary plans to reduce costs and carbon footprint. These services can be designed to support, supplement or replace in-house management personnel. They include:

  • Preliminary and comprehensive energy audits on a system-by-system, facility or enterprise-wide basis
  • On-site measurement and verification of energy use, losses, wastage, etc.
  • Analysis of existing bills and verification of correct tariff application and bill calculation methodologies
  • Identification of demand-side energy reduction strategies, system changes, equipment replacements, and energy management and behavioral awareness plans
  • Development and implementation of carbon footprint reduction strategies
  • Design and implementation of hardware and software systems to monitor, control and manage energy
  • Economic and technical justification studies
  • Contractor selection and management
  • Verification of savings programs

Bridgestone Associates Celebrates 25 Years

Bridgestone Associates, Ltd is celebrating 25 years in business. Started in mid-November 1991, Bridgestone Associates has successfully provided energy-related technical and management consulting services to a wide range of industrial, commercial, institutional and governmental clients over the past 25 years.

Bridgestone Associates Signs Agreement for 200MW Solar Power Plant Design

Bridgestone Associates today announced an agreement with a major renewable energy developer to prepare conceptual designs, drawings, specifications and capital cost estimates for a 200MW Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) plant in the Western United States. Under the agreement, Bridgestone

Bridgestone Associates Ltd

6 Independence Way

Chadds Ford



United States of America