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Bronto Skylift

Truck-Mounted Hydraulic Platforms for the Power Industry

Bronto Skylift supplies high-reach, truck-mounted aerial work platforms to be used in the maintenance and inspection of turbine blades and towers in the wind power industry.

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Bronto Skylift supplies high-rise, truck-mounted aerial work platforms to be used in the maintenance and inspection of wind turbines, power lines and towers in the power industry.

Work platforms for use in the power sector

Bronto Skylift platforms are built to improve operational performance and safety at challenging heights. On job sites Bronto Skylift platforms can be easily maneuvered and positioned, then set up and elevated within minutes using advanced controls and one button automatic levelling.

The platforms are available with additional features such as wind energy productive pack, which has a 3.7 meter-wide extendable working cage with integrated electricity, air-pressure and water connections. Other optional features include water tanks, electricity generators and pressure washers and material handling solutions.

Safety features on high-reach work platforms

Safety is integral when using Bronto Skylift platforms. Safety features have been developed and time-tested in adverse conditions to ensure they are of the highest quality. Bronto Skylift platforms are also widely used in the safety oriented firefighting and rescue industry.

Standard safety features of the rigid platforms include the Bronto+ control system, cage load and overload sensors, emergency descent systems, emergency stop functions, interlocks, and twin cylinders to ensure stability.

HLA aerial work platforms for high-rise installations

The High Level Articulated (HLA) range allows for safe inspections and maintenance of extreme high-rise installations, such as generators, windmills and antennas.

This range includes the world’s highest 112m truck-mounted access platform (as of 2016), which features a leading height to weight ratio and offers great horizontal, as well as vertical outreach. As all Bronto Skylift platforms, the HLA range is easily maneuverable and stable.

To increase working efficiency and profit, HLA work platforms have huge outreach at great heights, and a generous hydraulic system for fast movements. With optional material handling solutions the maintenance work can be done quickly, sometimes even without a separate crane. Remote fault-finding and remote diagnostic systems are also available.

Telescopic platforms with advanced features

The XDT eXtra Duty Telescopic range combines the stable and safe Bronto Skylift work platform with a telescopic cage boom. The compact design allows for an increased working load and more efficient work.

The Bronto Skylift S 50 XDT-J is part of this range. It includes a unique three section super-jib which gives an up and over reach of 16m at 33m. This offers access to difficult locations such as canopies, rooftops, bridges, harbor walls and vestibules.

Advanced features on the S 50 XDT-J include a working cage with 90° rotation and hydraulic extension, increased workload and lifting capability, an outreach limitation and optimization system with variable jacking and cage load and a telescopic cage boom with up and over, and below-ground reach.

Bronto to Display Aerial at NATE

Leading manufacturer of truck-mounted aerial work platforms (AWPs) Bronto Skylift, will be demonstrating their Model S-174 XDT truck-mounted aerial platform in Booth 701 at the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE) UNITE 2017 Conference & Exposition.

Bronto Skylift Names TGM Wind Services as Distributor for 10 States

Bronto Skylift, a leading manufacturer of truck-mounted aerial work platforms (AWPs), has named TGM Wind Services LLC, an AWP rental specialist, as Distributor for Bronto products in the states of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan.

Bronto Skylift

Bronto Skylift Oy Ab

Teerivuorenkatu 28

33300 Tampere