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C-VAS Engineering

Expansion Joints, Rings, Bearings and Fasteners

44 Jansen Road,
South Africa

44 Jansen Road,
South Africa

C-VAS Engineering produces bellows and expansion joints, weld testers, pipe plugs, compensators, slewing rings, and bearings, as well as general fabrication for power plants. The company does not only provide standard products, but creates bespoke units where necessary to meet your needs and specifications.

General fabrication for power plants

Our general fabrication for power plants includes the construction of tanks, site installations, vessels, skids, heat exchangers and mobile plants.

We ensure all fabrication meets client specifications and the highest-standard quality control procedures.

Power-industry weld testers

Our weld testers reduce hydrotest procedure time by up to 60% and reduce the volume of the test medium. The test is localised, and is thus safer than a full test. A leak and strength test is included in the procedure.

Weld testers from C-VAS Engineering are easy to install and remove, with welds subject to pure hoop stress. Only flange welds are tested when replacing flanges, and the weld area is isolated from the flow medium when equipment is replaced. These units can also be used for purging during welding.

Specifications of our weld testers are 25NB-2,000NB, and the ability to withstand 1bar-50bar pressure. They are available in stainless-steel, aluminium and carbon-steel models.

Expansion joints for power plants

Our round, oval, square and rectangular expansion joints are made of stainless steel, fabric, PTFE or rubber. They are available in 25NB-4,000NB. Expansion Joint Manufacturers’ Association (EJMA) and ASME designs can be produced including to precise client specifications if necessary.

C-VAS Engineering continuously contributes to the EJMA through extensive testing and examination plus proactive in-depth investigation on products when needed.

Power-industry pipe plugs

Our range of pipe plugs can be used for:

  • Isolating weld area from flow medium when replacing equipment
  • Purging during welding
  • Access control

Our 25NB-4,000NB pipe plugs can withstand 1bar-50bar pressure. They are available in stainless-steel, aluminium and carbon-steel models.

They can be easily installed and removed, and actuated either manually or using hydraulics.

Slewing rings and bearings

We provide five types of slewing rings and bearings:

  • Single-row four-point ball-slewing rings
  • Cross-roller slew bearings
  • Double-row ball-slewing rings
  • Three-row roller-slewing rings
  • Worm-gear slewing rings

Power-plant fabrication and equipment design

All our designs are constructed using stress calculations according to chemical usage or pressure. Through the experience of C-VAS Engineering and the information received from our long-term clientele we have established a strong standard of design and quality. We have a high level of understanding with our products’ end-users.

Our years of experience have ensured we contribute heavily to the success of piping systems containing bellows, and we are also continuously applying technological improvements to our products.

Our products are used throughout both Africa and Australia.

C-VAS Engineering

44 Jansen Road




South Africa