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Gas Analysis Instruments and Viscometers

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Carltech, established in 1992, specialises in instruments for gas analyses and sample conditioning systems. In addition, we also represent Marimex Industries from Bottrop, Germany, for viscometers.

We represent a number of well-established suppliers, such as Odalog, Madur, Edinburgh Instruments and Marimex. In addition, we offer our customers tailor-made systems, fully designed and built according to your requirements and, if necessary, complete with a robust sample conditioning system.

Process viscometers

Since 2009, Carltech has been the official representative for Marimex Industries, a leading supplier of in-line torsional oscillating viscometers.

Marimex process viscometers measure the dynamic viscosity of liquids using the principle of torsional oscillation. A Marimex system consists of a sensor, a transmitter and a cable (safety barriers are also required if the viscometers are to be used in hazardous areas). The probe of the process viscometer has no seals or moving parts so it can be mounted in any direction on to a reactor, vessel, pipe or flow-through cells.

Portable gas detectors

The App-Tek OdaLog® portable gas detector logs levels of H2S concentration data in various ranges (e.g. 0ppm-50ppm, 0ppm-200ppm and 0ppm-1,000ppm), which can then be downloaded and presented in tables or graphs to highlight significant variations in H2S levels over time.

The OdaLog portable gas detector is safe, corrosion-resistant and able to log data for extended periods of time. Its extremely low power consumption means that battery life will usually exceed twelve months.

Gas monitors

Guardian Plus gas monitors from Edinburgh Instruments provide accurate continuous monitoring of carbon dioxide or methane gas concentration levels. The Guardian Plus gas monitor provides long-term stability; each instrument is fully tested and calibrated to IS09002 standards.

The Guardian Plus gas monitor has low maintenance requirements, and features a range of user-selectable bit-switches to control the latching alarms and analogue output options. The input power to the unit is user-selectable to meet worldwide voltage and frequency standards.

Portable flue gas analysers

Madur’s GA-40T plus is a portable flue gas analyser that is ideal for measuring emissions, carrying out adjustments and making long-term measurements and inspections on many types of burner and heating equipment. The GA-40T plus portable flue gas analyser is designed for long-term, trouble-free operation and features a high-powered dryer and heated hose. It can be equipped with nine sensors (seven electrochemical and two NDIR).

About Carltech

Carltech products are used in the food-industry, the petro-chemical industry, sewerage plants and in many other industrial and non-industrial applications. Our way of working is characterised by approaching issues from a customer’s perspective and, together with our partners and suppliers, proposing tailor-made solutions.

Carltech’s combination of knowledge and skills forms a resource of valuable expertise and support for a broad range of industrial applications. Carltech is eager to solve any specific questions and challenges you may have.

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