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Centro Sviluppo Materiali

Industrial Research and Development for the Iron, Steel and Energy Industries

Via di Castel Romano, 100,
00128, Rome,

Via di Castel Romano, 100,
00128, Rome,


Centro Sviluppo Materiali (CSM) is a prominent private enterprise within the greatest worldwide research and development (R&D) centers for materials and related production technologies. CSM also has a recognized role as a national and international reference point for collaborative research with universities, research agenices and the industry.

CSM’s activities cover the entire cycle of innovation from basic applied research (physical, chemical and mechanical properties, new alloys and innovative coatings) to design, engineering, processing (on pilot, demonstration and industrial scales), functional prototype production, process/system automation and control, components and structures safety assessment, environmental issues and materials recycling.

Research and development for the iron, steel and energy industries

Its core business is linked to the development and application of steels, light alloys (titanium, aluminum), Ni and Co-base super alloys as well as ceramics and cermets, special surface-engineered products, metal matrix and polymeric composites, intermetallics, hybrid products and organic coatings.

CSM has 300 highly skilled and trained employees to keep the company competitive and to support customer needs. It works within different and complementary industrial markets including iron and steel, oil and gas, power generation (including nuclear and renewable sources), environmental-related technologies, aerospace and defense, and mechanics and transportation.

CSM boasts a wide-spread presence in the most advanced industrial districts in Italy, which accelerates the transfer of R&D results and favors an effective relationship with the industrial system. CSM is active worldwide to provide support for international project development.

Innovative industry research and solutions

CSM is a market-oriented industrial research organization, which aims to convert research and technological achievements into innovative solutions for the industry. It plans to deal with metallic and ceramic materials and related transformation technologies, realize an integrated system of human skills, labs and full-scale equipments, bridge the gap between basic and industrial applied research and accomplish a perfect balance for effective research and development action.

CSM’s main capabilities and technologies are:

  • Physical metallurgy (steel and special alloys)
  • Structural integrity at low and high temperatures
  • Surface engineering and coating technologies
  • High-temperature materials and components
  • Casting, rolling and forming technologies
  • Steel production related technologies
  • Advanced foundry technologies
  • Automation and control
  • Joining technologies
  • Waste valorisation
  • Stress corrosion
  • Combustion
  • Ceramics
  • Centralised lab system

Centro Sviluppo Materiali

Via di Castel Romano, 100

00128, Rome



Dr Mauro Pontremoli

Chief Executive Officer


Dr Giuseppe Abbruzzese

Chief Operating Officer, Steel Business Area Manager


Dr Dante Pocci

Energy&Transport Business Area Manager


Dr Giunluca Mannucci

Oil&Gas Business Area Manager