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Medium and High-Voltage Insulators

Rua 28 de Janeiro, n°,
4400-335 Vila Nova de Gaia,

Cerisol isoladores cerâmicos is an electro-porcelain insulator manufacturer that produces a wide range of medium and high-voltage insulators for transmission and distribution equipment and energy networks. The company's headquarters and facility is in Portugal and its products are exported to customers around the world. Its clients include electrical utilities companies, contractors and OEMs.

Customised electro-porcelain insulators

Cerisol always delivers the highest quality of products and services. It manufactures electro-porcelain insulators according to international standards as well as customized products according to customer specifications. The company is able to discuss, design and manufacture whatever customized electro-porcelain insulators may be required to meet its customers' unique requirements.

Cerisol was established in 1912 and has since been serving the electrical power market. Its main product families include the following.

Station or solid-core post insulators

High-voltage post insulators are supplied for substations or a wide range of equipment and apparatus such as disconnector switches. These products meet international standards such as IEC or ANSI.

Hollow insulators for bushings and transformers

Cerisol provides a wide range of hollow insulators to be used in the manufacturing of apparatus such as bushings and transformers. Usually these are manufactured according to customers' drawings, and are tested as per international standards.

Traction, transmission and distribution line insulators

Cerisol manufactures insulators and pin insulators for use in traction lines such as railway systems, and for applications in transmission and distribution lines.

Porcelain cap and pin insulators

Cerisol also manufactures porcelain cap and pin insulators for transmission and distribution lines. These are available in a range of different voltages.

ISO 9000 quality and service

Cerisol provides equipment and products that are constructed to the highest quality and guaranteed to provide the best service. Equipment is manufactured to ISO 9000 standards, and particular attention is paid to traceability and process control.

Research and development laboratories and partnerships

Cerisol has a research and development (R&D) team and ceramic, mechanical and high-voltage electrical laboratories to develop new products as well as to improve the existing processes and products. It also has agreements with other entities such as universities, in order to increase its research, innovation capabilities and expertise.

Cerisol isoladores cerâmicos SA

Rua 28 de Janeiro, n°

4400-335 Vila Nova de Gaia