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CGS Instrument Transformers

Voltage and Current Transformers for the Power Sector

CGS Instrument Transformers supplies a wide range of casted regin, compact size, sing type current transformers (CTs) and voltage transformers (VTs).

Via Ercolano, 25,
20900 Monza (MB),

CGS Instrument Transformers supplies a wide range of casted resin, compact size, ring type current transformers (CTs) and voltage transformers (VTs).

Current transformers and voltage transformers for the power industry

CGS has 40 years of experience in manufacturing current and voltage instrument transformers up to 52kV for clients nationally and internationally.

The current range of products is based on two historical lines: CGS and Balteau and come in three independent production lines, including:

  • Current transformers for medium voltage up to 41.5kV for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Voltage transformers for medium voltage up to 52kV for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Current transformers, ring type, for medium and low voltage applications

CGS transformers are suitable for use in power plants, industrial plants and distribution networks.

Instrument transformers for metering and protecting services

CGS supplies current transformers and voltage transformers for metering and protection services, in accordance with IEC 61869 standards or any other standards on request, including protective CTs for transient performances TPX, TPY, or TPZ.

The range of instrument transformers features a wide spectrum of possible voltages and currents covering the requirements of energy transmission and distribution systems, power generation and industrial applications.

CGS transformers are designed to be compact and to conform with the standards adopted by the public utilities and switchboard manufacturers.

Customised instrument transformers and quality control

CGS operates under a certified quality assurance system according to ISO 9001: 2008.

Particular care has been taken to manufacturer the current and the voltage transformers with a high degree of efficiency and safety.

At the end of the manufacturing process each transformers is thoroughly checked, particularly through dielectric and accuracy tests.

The rigorous quality controls allow CGS to deliver the customer reliable products that can be depended on for years of operation in the most adverse conditions.

CGS’s quality management system is certified by IMQ, a body accredited by the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ), IQnet and Accredia.

Furthermore, the environmental performances of CGS manufacturing process are monitored and continuously improved in accordance with the European Directives.

Standard and customised instrument transformers are available from CGS.

The special execution of current and voltage transformers can be carried out upon request.

About CGS

CGS Instrument Transformers srl, was establishd in 1896 when Camillo Olivetti founded the Istrumenti di Misura CGS spa.Tradition in the field of CTS and VTS carried on and developed to the present day as Marconi Automazione and Alstom CGS.

The CGS factory is located in Monza, Italy.

CGS Instrument Transformers srl

Via Ercolano, 25

20900 Monza (MB)