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Piping Systems, Gas-Heating Equipment and Boiler Engineering

Pod Parukárkou 39/4,
Praha 3,
130 00 Other,
Czech Republic

Pod Parukárkou 39/4,
Praha 3,
130 00 Other,
Czech Republic

Charmont is a modern engineering-supply company, specialising in the delivery and installation of piping systems, high-pressure gas-heating power equipment, and boiler engineering.

The company primarily concentrates on deliveries and construction of equipment for the energy and chemical industries, and is able to meet all customers' needs concerning sales and installation for construction, refitting and renovation of piping systems, reservoirs, boilers, tanks, etc. Services include:

  • Engineering activities
  • Processing of project documentation supply activities
  • Construction of complete industrial plants
  • Assembly activities
  • Reconstruction and renovation
  • Repair activities
  • Advisory and consulting activities

Design, engineering, delivery, installation and modification of power plant equipment

The company provides complete services, including the design, engineering, delivery, erection / installation, civil works and building modifications related to the delivery of technology. It also offers modernization or reconstruction services, repairs and maintenance, and advisory and consultancy services.

Energy industry boiler installation

To date, Charmont has installed 114 boilers with a total output of over 440MW. Its wide range of boilers is mainly aimed at industrial companies, operators of significant communal-heating sources and civic amenity facilities.

Piping systems and tanks

Turnkey solutions for piping systems and tanks, from the original proposal and through all the stages of project documentation to execution and authorized handover, is one of the main services supplied by Charmont.

Preparation and installation of piping distribution systems

Charmont's professional qualifications and long-term experience regarding all stages of preparation and installation of piping distribution systems guarantees that its piping systems will be of the highest quality, and comply with EN ISO 9001:2001 certification standards.

Piping tanks and storage vessels

Charmont supplies piping tanks and storage vessels in material assemblies that correspond with customers' needs and wishes. These are installed in cooperation with well-proven material contractors and proven subcontractors of partial sub-supplies.

Piping systems for the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, glass, automotive and electronics industries

Charmont's energetic and piping systems can be used for a variety of applications outside of power plants. These include the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, glass and automotive industries, and in electronics production.

Turnkey power-plant equipment and support services

Charmont provides a complete engineering service for all its equipment, including project documentation processing; assurance and coordination of subcontractors' works; assembly of equipment; individual and complex testing; and implementation of equipment into operation. This is complemented by a comprehensive guarantee.

Charmont sro

Pod Parukárkou 39/4

Praha 3

130 00


Czech Republic