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Chemical-Free, Automatic On-Line Cleaning Systems for Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers and Cooling Water Circuits

Moshav Tirat Yehuda 51,
DN Hamerkaz,
73175 Other,

Moshav Tirat Yehuda 51,
DN Hamerkaz,
73175 Other,

CQM is a leading provider of chemical-free, automatic online cleaning solutions for heat exchangers and cooling towers, with systems installed in thousands of sites around the world including Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Fiat, Samsung, Bosh and Toyota, among many others.

ATCS on-line automatic heat-exchanger tube cleaning system

CQM’s automatic tube cleaning system (ATCS) is the most efficient and reliable automatic on-line solution for keeping shell and tube heat exchangers continuously clean and working at full capacity.

On-line automatic heat-exchanger tube cleaning system applications

The ATCS can be used for steam condensers, tube and shell heat exchangers, BOP cooling systems, and steam or combined-cycle plants.

On-line automatic heat-exchanger tube cleaning system benefits

Benefits of the ATCS system include:

  • About 4% increase in annual power generation at the plant
  • Power generated at maximum efficiency at all times
  • No chemicals and fouling residues, meaning no disposal hassle
  • Extension of a plant’s availability period

On-line automatic heat-exchanger tube cleaning system advantages

Advantages of the ATCS include include:

  • Absolutely no sponge balls lost
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Thorough cleaning with uniform spread of sponge balls to both central and peripheral tubes
  • High reliability
  • Simple maintenance through continuous, automatic on-line cleaning, eliminating condenser downtime
  • Accurate control of the cleaning process: cleaning periods are customisable to maintain a high level of performance and minimise balls’ wear
  • No heating of the condenser inlet caused by warm water re-injection
  • Single supplier for all units (both condensers and BOP cooling units) in the plant

SR-CT on-line automatic cooling tower cleaning system

CQM’s SR-CT provides automatic, online and continuous water treatment that keeps cooling towers and water circuits clean without the need for chemicals, drastically reducing the need of manual cleaning and saving up to 100% of the drained water.

SR-CT’s unique implementation of the electrolytic process, combined with a self-cleaning filter and control by PLC, delivers extraordinary results in thousands of installations around the world, eliminating sediments that would otherwise stick to all sections of the water system, clogging it and drastically decreasing its energy efficiency.

On-line automatic cooling tower cleaning system applications

The SR-CT can be used for cooling towers, and closed and open water circuits.

On-line automatic cooling tower cleaning system benefits

The SR-CT’s benefits include:

  • Prevents scale build-up
  • Creates water equilibrium that prevents corrosive processes
  • Oxidises and removes corrosive elements
  • Eliminates the need for corrosion inhibitors by working at a high alkaline pH level
  • Removes suspended solids automatically and continuously
  • Purifies water, preventing biological growths
  • Allows operation at up to 5,000µs, significantly reducing bleed and saving water
  • Bled water can be re-utilised for watering or services

On-line automatic cooling tower cleaning system advantages

Other advantages include automatic hassle-free operation, simple installation and maintenance, and high reliability.

Certified tube cleaning systems

All products and services provided by CQM are fully compliant with CE directives, ISO 9001:2000 and Green Label certification standards.

CQM is a member of the US National Association for Energy Service Companies (NAESCO) and is a registered energy service company (ESCO) in Israel.

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