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Loadbank Sales and Rental

2nd Avenue,
Centrum 100,
DE14 2WF Other,
United Kingdom

2nd Avenue,
Centrum 100,
DE14 2WF Other,
United Kingdom

When efficient power generation and system proving are vital, when backup systems must be fully tested to ensure they meet original design criteria, you need a stable, continuous and variable load to imitate real loads, in real time. You need a test solution that you can rely on. Turn to Crestchic, the largest loadbank manufacturer in the world.

Crestchic has the expertise and capability to develop tailor-made testing solutions that meet all your requirements, wherever you are, from standard size resistive and reactive loadbanks to custom-designed and built loadbanks of any size at any voltage and frequency.

Loadbank equipment manufacture and rental

Loadbanks are primarily used for testing in power commissioning and maintenance work such as diesel generators, gas turbines and UPS systems. Loadbanks are used for simulating real electrical loads enabling essential setup and commissioning, which ensures that electrical and control parameters are met prior to power generation / back up equipment being energized on line.

Loadbank sales

Crestchic manufactures loadbanks starting at 2kW up to 6,000kVA. Our loadbanks are available in the customer’s specified voltage and frequency and resistive or resistive reactive (typically 0.8PF). Packaged transformer’s (ISO containerized) are also available from 2.9MVA to 5.8MVA in various medium voltages.

Whatever your requirements, Crestchic has the one-stop load testing solution.

  • AC loadbanks
  • DC loadbanks
  • MV loadbanks
  • Neutral earth resistors
  • MV monitoring
  • Packaged transformers

Built in the UK to a high industrial standard, all Crestchic manufacturing processes are BS EN ISO 9001 – 2000 certified. With the expertise and technical knowledge that have made Crestchic the world’s leading loadbank specialists, you can count on Crestchic to provide the very best load testing solutions for you.

Worldwide loadbank rental

Crestchic loadbanks are available for rental from small units of 30kW up to multi MVA packages exceeding 80MVA at medium voltage. The Crestchic rental fleet is comprised of resistive, resistive reactive and also specialised DC loadbanks.

Crestchic’s large containerised loadbank and transformer fleet is available for hire worldwide from the UK, Germany, UAE, USA, Singapore and Brazil. No other company specialises in worldwide loadbank supply like Crestchic. In fact, Crestchic loadbanks have been operationally successful on all seven continents and are reliably testing power supplies every day in locations and climates all round the world, from temperate to jungle, desert to snow, offshore to high altitude.

Crestchic Loadbanks’ headquarters in Burton Upon Trent, UK and is the world’s largest specialised loadbank manufacturer and loadbank rental company. Crestchic was incorporated in 1983.

British Antarctic Survey Installs Second Crestchic Loadbank

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has recently installed a second Crestchic loadbank to safeguard critical data and the livelihood of scientists at two of its primary research stations, one of which is credited with the discovery of the ozone hole in 1985.

Cummins Forms Global Power Testing Partnership with Crestchic

Following a highly successful installation of four resistive-reactive loadbanks at Cummins’ manufacturing plant in Fridley, Minnesota, US, Crestchic has been awarded preferred status to partner in testing its products worldwide.

Crestchic Loadbank Makes Waves with Carbon Footprint Reduction

Installing a Crestchic loadbank has enabled global pioneer in marine renewable energy research, Beaufort Research, part of University College Cork, to further its exploration into reducing the world's carbon footprint by integrating ocean energy converters into local energy distribution.

Crestchic Steps Up its Offering to Meet High Demand

In response to rapid growth in the international power rental market, Crestchic has launched a new range of step-up transformers which includes the largest transformer in a 20ft container on the market today.

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