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D&L Diesels

Diesel and Gas Engine Spares, Service and Technical Support

Ackhurst Lodge,
Ackhurst Lane,
WN5 0LW Other,
United Kingdom

Ackhurst Lodge,
Ackhurst Lane,
WN5 0LW Other,
United Kingdom

D&L Diesels specialises in the supply of diesel and gas engines spares and service for Ruston / English Electric, Mirrlees, Blackstone, Dorman, Jenbacher, Caterpillar, Waukesha and Deutz engines.

We provide a professional response to incoming parts enquiries on diesel engines and deliver competitively priced components for diesel engines, on time.

Medium-speed and dual-fuel diesel engines

D&L Diesels has experience with various generations of Ruston / English Electric medium-speed and dual-fuel diesel engines. Our management team has been involved in the provision of spare parts and service for diesel engines since the mid 1980s.

Global diesel engine spares and service supply

D&L Diesels’ customers include the following:

  • Fast ferry operators in the UK, Australia, Europe and Hong Kong
  • Government defence departments in the UK, Singapore and Bangladesh
  • Power plants in the Caribbean and Central America
  • Traction users in the UK and Australia
  • Mines in South America, South Africa and the US
  • Ship operators, owners and managers all over the world

Jenbacher Series 3 natural gas engine

Jenbacher is a naturally designed gas engine and not a converted diesel engine. Maximum efficiency in the Jenbacher series 3 engines is guaranteed by long-service intervals, low-fuel consumption and an excellent engine design.

D&L Diesels’ spare parts offer quality and long life whether your engine is running on natural, coke, landfill, mine or wood gas. Features of the Jenbacher Series 3 engine include the following:

  • Two-stage mixture cooling gives high flexibility
  • Mixture at low-gas pressures due to specially designed supercharger
  • Extreme operating conditions balanced by turbocharger bypass
  • Fits neatly in to a 40ft container

Jenbacher Series 4 turbo-charged engine

The Jenbacher Series 4 engine has a power range of 1.5MW and stands out because of its high-capacity rate and outstanding fuel and electrical efficiency. The engine ensures maximum reliability and availability with its uniquely designed control and monitoring system, resulting in preventive maintenance.

Its features include high efficiency, high-tech components, improved component design, engine designed with servicing in mind, and operation at a higher air-intake temperature and altitude is possible due to higher rated turbocharger.

Jenbacher Series 6

The Series 6 engine offers excellent reliability in the 1.7MW to 3MW power range. High-capacity rates and low installation costs are an asset of this engine, which has a speed of 1,500rpm. The engine achieves maximum efficiency with low emissions through the design of its pre-combustion chamber.

The Jenbacher Series 6’s first major service is at 60,000 hours due to its excellent design. Its features and benefits include the following:

  • Extreme operating conditions balanced by a turbocharger bypass
  • High output density at 1,500rpm
  • Long cylinder head life is guaranteed by dry exhaust manifold
  • Maximum efficiency is ensured by specially designed pre-chamber combustion
  • Knocking control offers the best of protection

Ruston English electric engine spare parts

D&L Diesels provides total customer support for Ruston English electric diesel engines to a level that exceeds customers’ needs and expectations. Wherever a Ruston English electric diesel-powered machine operates, the user will have peace-of-mind provided by D&L Diesels.

We can supply engineers, expert advice, parts and technical support wherever in the world they are required. You can count on D&L Diesels to deliver top performance and long-life parts, built to high-quality specifications.

Product support for diesel engines

D&L Diesels’ spare parts are renowned for quality, performance and reliability. This is supported by excellent customer service. Our primary objective is to ensure that if you require diesel engine parts or your Ruston English electric diesel engine needs repairing, that the service is completed quickly, efficiently and correctly, first time.

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