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Danish Wind Power Academy

Technical Training for the Wind Turbine Industry

Stensgaardvej 6,
DK-5500 Middelfart,

Danish Wind Power Academy (DWPA) has developed an innovative educational concept for technical personnel working at all levels in the wind turbine industry. We offer a wide range of customised training courses as well as safety and rescue courses.

We can provide on-site training close to our customers. These training courses are based on the experience of our customers’ technicians and on the specific requirements regarding the turbine types they work on. After completing DWPA’s programme, our customers feel that they have received targeted and effective training, which means that they benefit from the DWPA courses from day one.

Customised training courses for the wind turbine industry

DWPA offers customised training courses tailored to the wind turbine industry. Our training courses range from installation training to turbine-specific training and maintenance courses. We understand that each of our clients has specific needs, depending on the type of turbines that they work on and the background of their trainees, and so we can change both the content and the duration of our training courses to meet your requirements.

Wind turbine gearbox maintenance and inspection training

Our wind turbine gearbox maintenance and inspection training is designed to enable understanding of gearbox working conditions in wind turbines, as well as how to be proactive and predictive in service matters to avoid expensive shutdowns.

Furthermore, it is intended to foster an understanding of wear and tear, by being able to classify failures and their development. The duration of this training is three days, and it will appeal to wind turbine operators, owners and service providers with an interest in gearbox maintenance and inspection.

Wind turbine blade maintenance and inspection training

Our three-day wind turbine blade maintenance and inspection training course is aimed at technicians with a mechanical background but minimal blade or glass fibre knowledge. The course provides understanding of:

  • Handling hazardous substances in a safe way by using the correct PPE equipment
  • Essential safety when climbing a turbine
  • General knowledge about aerodynamics on a blade
  • Repair of basic blade and trailing edge damage

Wind turbine installation training

DWPA wind turbine installation training provides participants with the necessary turbine-related safety training, as well as targeted mechanical and electric installation training with the aid of schematics, manuals and checklists. Our wind turbine installation training course is designed for manufacturer and subcontractor installation technicians. It is either a five-day course (with six participants) or a seven-day course (with 12 participants).

NEG-Micon wind turbine training

DWPA offers in-depth training regarding safety, mechanical, hydraulic, electric control system and SCADA system understanding, turbine operation and trouble shooting. Courses include:

  • NEG-Micon NM44, 48/750 turbine training
  • NEG-Micon NM64c/1500 turbine training
  • NEG-Micon NM72c/1500 turbine training

Vestas wind turbine training

Our Vestas wind turbine training courses will provide you with full knowledge of your Vestas turbines and how they work. This will be a great help in your everyday service and maintenance, resulting in less downtime, and minimised service cost in

manpower and spare parts. By having technicians with a deep knowledge of the turbines, breakdowns will be avoided. We offer training for the following Vestas wind turbines:

  • V47
  • V52
  • V82

Vestas wind turbine maintenance training

Our two-day wind turbine maintenance training courses for Vestas turbines provide in-depth maintenance training, by going through all procedures and the related documentation in the class room. This provides a good grounding so that you can then follow up on the manual and checklist by hands-on work in the turbine. We provide maintenance training for the following Vestas turbines:

  • V47
  • V52
  • V82

Introductory seminars for wind turbine industry employees

DWPA holds seminars that are designed to introduce new employees to the technology of the modern wind turbine by going through the main components step by step, from the wind that impacts the rotor to the electricity that enters the grid. These one-day seminars are aimed at new employees in the wind turbine industry or others with an interest in an introduction to the technology of today’s modern wind turbines and the industry. No special practical or technical background is required.

Rush Creek Wind Farm, Colorado

Construction of the Rush Creek wind project, the biggest single-phase wind generating facility in North America, is expected to commence in May 2017.

Al-Rajef Wind Farm

The 82MW Al-Rajef onshore wind project in the Ma'an Governorate in Jordan is being developed by Green Watts Renewable Energy (GWRE) on behalf of the project owner Alcazar Energy, a company based in the UAE.

Bhlaraidh Wind Farm, Scotland

Bhlaraidh wind farm, located on the Glenmoriston Estate, 4km north-west of Invermoriston in the Great Glen, Scotland, UK, is being developed by Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE).

Oakfield Wind Project, Maine

Oakfield Wind is a 148MW wind farm constructed approximately 2.5 miles away from Oakfield town in Aroostook County, Maine, US.

Danish Wind Power Academy

Stensgaardvej 6

DK-5500 Middelfart