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Heat Shrink Tubing Products

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DSG-Canusa is a leading provider of heat shrink tubing products and heat shrinkable-related technology. Our range includes polyolefin, fluoropolymer, elastomer and PVC heat shrinkable-based materials in thin, medium and heavy-walled tubing, in addition to heat shrink accessories and equipment.

Polymer and adhesive technology is at the core of our business, and our quality and performance are second to none. A commitment to develop unique solutions for customer applications has earned DSG-Canusa a reputation for excellent customer service.

Heat shrink tubing for electrical and utility applications

DSG-Canusa offers a full range of high-quality heat shrink products for the electrical and utility industries, including cable accessories for low-voltage and medium-voltage applications. DSG-Canusa’s electrical insulation products are designed and tested to meet the most demanding requirements of IEEE, UL, CSA and ANSI, as well as many other international standards for performance and long-term reliability.

Medium / heavy wall heat shrink products

DSG-Canusa’s field-proven medium and heavy wall heat shrink products, such as CFM, CFW, FCFW and CFHR, are world-class leaders when it comes to split resistance, adhesive performance and total value. Whether it’s for splice sealing, jacket repair, mechanical protection, electrical insulation or strain relief applications, you can count on DSG-Canusa products to meet the most challenging requirements.

The newest addition to this product family is the FCFW QuickWrap™, which provides the following exceptional benefits in the repair and retrofit protection of aging cable infrastructures without disconnection of service:

  • Reduces total installed costs by 80%
  • Eliminates system downtime during installation
  • Provides moisture-proof seal with a fully encapsulating hot melt adhesive
  • Offers quick and easy application using an innovative closure mechanism

Heat shrink products for low-voltage electrical applications

DSG-Canusa offers a variety of heat shrink and cold applied sleeves and shape products to seal and protect wire and cable connections in low-voltage electrical applications.

Just one example is CFW. With its heavy wall and superior split resistance CFW is ideal for underground, direct burial splice sealing applications. CFW is rated to 1kV and with our proprietary adhesive CFW provides excellent environmental sealing and is qualified to ANSI and UL 486D standards.

Cable accessories for medium-voltage splices and terminations

For the construction of medium-voltage splices and terminations it is critical to use trustworthy materials and processes that are craft friendly, time proven and exceptionally reliable. DSG-Canusa’s cable accessory products are designed using heat shrink technology, which has been proven to work in all applications and is often the technology of choice for users wishing to install rapidly or minimize outages while maintaining superior performance.

Medium-voltage heat shrink cable accessories

DSG-Canusa offers a comprehensive range of medium-voltage cable accessories for the electrical, utility and industrial markets. The CT and CJ series of cable termination and joint kits are factory designed for 5kV – 35kV rated URD or shielded extruded dielectric power cables and include joints and accessories for PILC type network cables. The kitted accessories are offered for single and three conductor, unarmoured and armoured cable configurations. DSG-Canusa’s innovative heat shrink products provide a cost-effective alternative to hand applied, rubber molded and resin-based technology.

Electrical equipment insulation

Specialty tubing and kit accessories are used for demanding applications where electrical performance and ease of installation are critical, e.g. in electrical switchgear and power distribution equipment:

  • Anti-track tubing and tape for insulating medium-voltage bus bars
  • Motor lead termination kits to insulate and protect bolted connections
  • Elbow sealing kits for sealing and reinforcing elbows on medium-voltage cables

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