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Flue Gas Dampers, BYPASS Systems and Expansion Joints

61 Chemin du Tremblay,
Boucherville, QC,
J4B 7L6 Other,

61 Chemin du Tremblay,
Boucherville, QC,
J4B 7L6 Other,

Effox-Flextor is the world leader in heavy-duty utility and industrial dampers and expansion joints, with more than 50 combined years of industry experience around the globe. Our equipment is engineered for the demanding requirements of today’s market. Markets served include coal-fired power plants, co-generation, ethanol, petro-chemical, metals, and cement plants.

The main products that Effox-Flextor supplies include:

  • Diverter dampers
  • Guillotine dampers
  • Stack isolation dampers
  • Louver dampers
  • Butterfly / wafer dampers
  • Poppet dampers
  • Radial vane dampers
  • Non-metallic expansion joints
  • Composite joints
  • Rectangular metallic joints

Diverter dampers

Effox-Flextor has extensive experience in the design and supply of toggle-type and pivot-type diverter dampers for HRSG, waste heat recovery, natural gas turbines and other systems that require diversion of the gas stream. We have designed and installed diverter dampers in systems ranging from small turbine units to the largest turbines in the world such as the GE Frame 7.

Guillotine dampers

Effox-Flextor offers a complete line of heavy-duty guillotine / slide gate dampers to meet your requirements. Designs available from Effox-Flextor include open-bonnet, enclosed bonnet, and 100% isolation with seal-air fans.

Guillotine dampers are used when tight shut-off is required to isolate specific portions of a flue gas system for maintenance or by-pass purposes; for example, isolation of a boiler or an FGD system.

Effox-Flextor has supplied guillotine dampers in the largest ducting sizes in the industry. Our zero-leakage designs have been air-tested as high as 3psi and hydro tested at 60psi for structural integrity. Effox-Flextor guillotine dampers can be found in some of the most demanding environments such as in high-dust loading cement plants, high corrosion in coal-fired power plants, and power boiler isolation.

Stack dampers

Effox-Flextor offers a wide range of stack dampers. For large-diameter round stack outlet dampers, choices can be two-blade, four-blade or multi-blade. For large rectangular stack inlet dampers, blade configurations are designed to meet the needs for flow control of your application.

Louver dampers

Effox-Flextor has installed louver dampers in some of the most critical systems in coal-fired power plants and heavy-duty industrial applications where precise flow control is required.

Louver dampers are much more precise than butterfly dampers and are usually used where precise modulation is required. For even more precise flow control applications, opposed multi-blade louver dampers can be used.

Expansion joints

Effox-Flextor is an engineering-oriented manufacturer with an industry-recognized reputation for providing today’s utility and industrial market with a quality selection of expansion joints.

In-house engineering and fabrication capabilities enable Effox-Flextor to provide unique and specialized equipment to the marketplace. Our EFLEX™ expansion joints reflect the high engineering standards and professional workmanship expected of all Effox-Flextor products.

The primary purpose of an expansion joint is to provide a point of flexibility in flue ducts and to relieve stress caused by system movement.

Non-metallic expansion joints

Effox-Flextor is a world leader in the design and supply of non-metallic expansion joints. The design parameters which influence the performance of any expansion joint and which must be defined for proper design analysis include:

  • Movements
  • Design / operating temperature
  • Design / operating pressure
  • Flue gas composition

A properly designed expansion joint successfully accommodates operating factors that include:

  • Absorption of vibration or shock
  • Minor misalignment of ductwork

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