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Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Instrumentation and Services for Monitoring and Managing Discharges to Air, Land and Water

7 President Buildings,
Savile Street East,
S4 7UQ,
United Kingdom

7 President Buildings,
Savile Street East,
S4 7UQ,
United Kingdom

Environmental Monitoring Solutions (EMS) provides specialist services and equipment for monitoring discharges to the aquatic and atmospheric environment. In the power sector, our clients include Scottish and Southern Energy, Alstom Power, BNFL, and British Energy. We also supply the Environment Agency and the UK’s major water companies, for example, United Utilities and Northumbrian Water.

Environmental monitoring services

Our key environmental monitoring services comprise:

  • Specification, installation and commissioning of systems to monitor consented discharge activity, including continuous emissions, ambient air and dust, and trade effluent
  • System integration – we are a supplier for a range of leading brands
  • Equipment hire
  • Long-term contracted services for the monitoring of water and emissions to air
  • Short-term surveys and temporary installations

Many monitoring challenges require a novel approach, and EMS is able to develop flexible and unique solutions to provide the client with the best viable economic option.

In addition, our environmental consultancy, waste management training and auditing services help our clients achieve legal compliance.

Continuous emissions monitoring services

EMS’s key services include iso-kinetic testing, and indicative and quantitative continuous emissions monitoring, such as:

  • Survey, specification, supply, installation and maintenance of permanent and semi-permanent integrated monitoring systems
  • Design and installation of remote data acquisition systems and alarm handling to satisfy regulatory bodies and environmental management systems
  • Extending existing systems to meet new regulatory and operational requirements
  • Long-term equipment leasing options to ease capital requirements
  • Analysis of particulate for specific substances

Ambient air and dust monitoring products

EMS is a leading supplier of air monitoring products, available both to hire and purchase. We offer ambient air monitors, and indicative and quantitative continuous emissions monitors to record particulate emissions from extraction systems.

Our range of dust, smoke and particulates monitors is the most advanced available, and uses patented measurement technology to give high accuracy.

We also offer easy-to-use instruments which continuously measure and record the concentration of airborne particles, simultaneously monitoring the concentrations of TSP, PM10, PM2.5 and PM1 particles. Alternatively, in their workplace mode, the inhalable, thoracic and respirable fractions can be monitored.

Water monitoring services

EMS’s key services include trade effluent monitoring, flow and load surveys in the industrial environment, flow and water quality surveys in the natural environment, and remote monitoring.

Trade effluent monitoring involves the continuous measurement of flowrate, pH and temperature, automatic collection of flow paced samples, as well as MCERTS-certified equipment in line with current EA requirements.

We have extensive experience in short-term flow and load surveys within industrial facilities and urban applications. We provide all equipment, personnel and analysis facilities, and report back to the client with detailed results. Clients may require the measurement of very specific parameters or substances and all samples are analysed in specialist laboratory facilities to determine levels and load. The continuous measurement of pH, temperature and other determinants can also be built into the flow survey set-up.

EMS carries out a range of flow and water quality surveys (natural environment), including flow gauging in rivers, streams and man-made channels, as well as bathing water and overflow discharge monitoring.

EMS’s remote monitoring capabilities allow continuously monitored water quality and flow data to be pushed via GPRS onto the web, providing clients with regular and event-based data. The same facility allows the triggering of event monitoring or automatic sampling.

Environmental management and training services

EMS is a specialist training provider in environmental matters and delivers a wide range of courses that are flexible to the needs of businesses in many industry sectors. Our expert team is dedicated to helping businesses reduce risks, save money and increase the skill levels of their employees.

We offer services in environmental reviews and audits, waste management advice and support, and legislation compliance. We are ISO 14001 (implementation and maintenance) accredited.

EMS Develops Flow Measurement Solution at Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station

A 4m wide culvert running more than 2m deep takes cooling water from Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station into the adjacent receiving water flowing in excess of 7,000l/s. The size of the culvert, the high flow velocity and access limitations presented a difficult challenge when it came to the need to

Innovative Remote Discharge Monitoring Solutions from EMS

EMS is increasingly deploying systems, which relay continuous receiving water quality data to the web and enable the triggering of automatic samplers to capture the detail of events. Sampling is triggered locally or via remote communication. With the addition of water quality sondes, fl

Environmental Monitoring Solutions

7 President Buildings

Savile Street East

S4 7UQ



United Kingdom