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EPT Clean Oil

Varnish Removal Products for Turbine and Compressor Lubricants and EHC Fluids

EPT Clean Oil specialises in science-based innovation, technological applications and operational management of lubricants and fluids.

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EPT Clean Oil specialises in science-based innovation, technological applications and operational management of lubricants and fluids.

We use data to drive performance and management of lubricants and fluids, offering a family of products and services focused on driving system integrity over the lifecycle of assets.

Lubricant and fluid solutions for power industry

We work alongside our customers to optimise the life of lubricants and fluids, providing solutions that transform operational results and eliminate lubricant and fluid-related failures.

EPT Clean Oil is a ‘one-stop-shop’ integrated lubricant and fluid maintenance company, combining product innovation and science-based technology with research-grade laboratory testing and high-velocity flushing services. Our proprietary technology offers proven performance in critical power generation applications.

Filters for power applications

ICB™ Filters offer a transformational step change in lubricant maintenance. Founded in 1992 by Peter Dufresne Sr, the complete stainless-steel design was engineered for the most demanding industry applications to offer optimal filter integrity.

ICB™ Filters are manufactured to remove dissolved oxidation molecules that accumulate and cause mechanical problems in bearings, seals, and servo valves. Based on ion exchange technology, the latest chemistry and materials are combined with precision robotic welding to offer robust and high-performing filters. With so many benefits beyond acid and particulate removal, ICB™ Filters offer a step change in oil performance, protecting system reliability and production.

Power equipment failure prevention

SVR™ Lubricant Conditioning System goes beyond solid contamination removal, focusing on the root cause of lubricant failure: dissolved oxidation material. As a result of managing oxidation material, lubricant breakdown and additive consumption are reduced significantly, mitigating equipment-related failure.

Filtration for power applications

SVR PE for phosphate ester fluid provides 200%-400% higher filtration capacity than most original equipment manufacturer (OEM) systems. It offers a high rate of filtration to keep your phosphate ester fluid reservoir in optimal condition.

SVR™ Lubricant Conditioning System can be combined with the TMR™ N₂ Moisture Removal Systems, an engineered nitrogen generation system designed to remove water and oxygen within atmospheric breathing lubricant reservoirs.

Nitrogen banketing system for power industry

TMR™ N2 nitrogen blanketing system provides high capacity to remove water and eliminate atmospheric water ingression. TMR™ N2 manages factors that accelerate oxidation, lowering the rate of lubricant breakdown, reducing maintenance requirements and extending fluid life.

Electrostatic system for power applications

ECR is an electrostatic system designed to remediate lubricants and fluids, removing fine particulate contamination (<1μm) that passes through standard filtration systems. With up to 90% of the total solid contamination <1μm, the fine particulate contaminants accumulate, impacting fluid life and component wear. In environments where lubricants and fluids lack the required electrical properties to remove fine particulates, the ECR can be used in-line with the TMR™ N2.

In-depth power analysis and evaluations

EPT Clean Oil’s Fluid Technical Centre is a state-of-the-art lab, offering specialised analysis and comprehensive evaluations. Our ACE Assessment, performed by professional chemists, focuses on providing customers with a complete picture of the lubricant’s condition.

Our testing packages are designed to offer in-depth evaluations and root cause analysis specific to the customer application. The resulting data is reviewed and interpreted by application specialists and PhD chemists with concluding recommendations delivered in our ACE report.

Our ACE Assessment goes beyond standard lab analysis to ensure key information is included in the management of EHC fluids and turbine lubricants. From advanced testing to the expert interpretation of results, our technical team is here to provide the data you need to make informed decisions about your critical assets.

Particulate Contamination Removal

ECR™ Sub-micron Contamination Removal System is the missing link in fluid maintenance, managing the invisible in EHC systems.

Phosphate Ester Conditioning System

SVR™ Lubricant Conditioning System is the first of its kind, engineered phosphate ester conditioning system, designed to protect and manage phosphate ester fluid and system reliability.


ICB™ Filters are manufactured to remove the dissolved oxidation molecules that accumulate and cause mechanical problems in bearings, seals, and servo valves.

Nitrogen Blanketing System

TMR™ N₂ Moisture Removal System provides an unlimited capacity to remove water and eliminate atmospheric water ingression.

Resistivity, Fact or Fiction?

Resistivity is a critical performance indicator for phosphate ester (PE) uid quality. Low resistivity values are associated with electro kinetic wear, a common failure mechanism of servo valves.

What to Consider When Purchasing Varnish Removal Systems

Varnish removal technologies can be classified into two main categories: 1) Particulate removal including electrostatics, balanced charge agglomeration and depth media filters, and 2) Dissolved breakdown product removal including ion exchange and ion charge bonding technologies.

Taking the Routine Out of Oil Analysis

While routine oil analysis is the cornerstone to all condition based monitoring (CBM) programs, the resulting data is not always leveraged into meaningful information.

EPT Clean Oil

#17 3900-106th Ave. SE, Calgary, AB T2C 5B6