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Conductors, Inductors and Flat Winding Plates for Power Conversion

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F.E.EM. is a specialist designer and manufacturer of transformers and inductors for low, medium and high-frequency power operations.

Power supply and conversion materials

Its main area of expertise is developing hard-customised article and extremely specialised windings that ensure the highest reliability and efficiency.

F.E.EM. is deeply involved in developing inductive components for DC-DC converters, AC-DC converters, AC-AC converters, dry-type inductors transformers and cast resin inductive components.

The company is also focused on researching new materials able to increase the performance of the inductive components, with its expert technical office choosing the best solution to match individual needs.

F.E.EM. supplies a wide range of materials, including:

  • Conductors (copper strap, aluminium strap, enameled copper wire, enameled aluminium wire, copper plate, aluminium plate and litze wire)
  • Cores (grain-oriented magnetic steel, amorphous C-cut core, ferrite, sendust, granular Fe-Si, MPP, high-flux and low-loss, high-performance magnetic steel)
  • Round / square flat winding plate coils

Inductive windings and power components

F.E.EM. creates inductive components for DC-DC converters, AC-DC converters, AC-AC converters, dry-type inductors transformers and cast resin inductive components.

The company also aims to discover new materials that will increase the performance of the inductive components, and its expert technical office will choose the best solution for each client request.

F.E.EM.’s main focus is to develop customised parts and extremely specialised windings, in order to achieve the highest levels of reliability and efficiency.

Low-frequency and medium-frequency transformers

All windings provided by F.E.EM. can be suitably treated to resist moisture, air salt mist, oil vapour and special oil such as poliyalphaolephine (PAO).

Highly efficient for renewable energy, F.E.EM. supplies single and three-phase insulated, low and medium frequency transformers from 50Hz to 5,000Hz, which provides up to 1,000kW in power supply.

The company’s high-efficiency, high-frequency transformers can be used for all industrial applications. They are available for frequencies up to 200kHz and power up to 1,000kW.

Single-phase AC and DC inductors

F.E.EM.’s single-phase AC inductors are ideal for clients who wish to convert to renewable energy. They generate up to 500kW in power and are suitable for up to 100kHz.

The company’s inductors are also compatible for DC-DC converters and capable of generating high levels of energy (up to 1,000W*s).

F.E.EM. supplies ripple-superimposed DC inductors for medium-frequency and high-frequency applications.

Three-phase AC reactors for PFC and AFE applications

F.E.EM. supplies EN-61558 compliant filter reactors supply up to 1,000kW in energy for power factor correction (PFC) and active front-end (AFE) operations.

Toroidal inductors for energy recovery systems

Toroidal inductors for buck-boost inverters are ideal for uninterruptable power supply (UPS) and energy recovery systems.

They feature core diameters from 4in to 6in, up to six parallel cores, in addition to aluminium conductors for sections up to 200mm².

Flat plate coils for electric vehicles

F.E.EM.’s flat plate coils are suitable for energy recovery systems for electric vehicles.

Round coils have inner diameters from 10mm to 200mm, and aluminium up to 100mm², with copper cross-sections up to 75mm².

F.E.EM. also develops special square flat plate coils for large electric motors for lifting technology. These are used as replacements for the standard windings in electric motors found in sophisticated elevators.

Specialised inductive components for military transports

The company also develops special inductive components for military applications.

F.E.EM. has developed the whole inductive kit for the new plane F-35, with the company wanting to particulalry focus on the revolutionary 12-pulse rectifier auto-transformer.

It has also cooperated with ST microelectronics for developing an inductive components kit fitting the new SiC Mosfet technology. This new technology is able to work at as very high-frequency (up to 125kHz), keeping the losses at a modest level.

F.E.EM. is an official supplier of ABB and has also developed special chokes for its special converters.

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