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Industrial Filtration Systems

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2070 Zwijndrecht Belgium


Filter-Technics is a specialist in industrial filtration systems. As a one-stop supplier for high-quality filtration products, spare parts and accessories, Filter-Technics simplifies the purchasing process, which saves our clients time and money, as well as ensuring that their systems are optimally maintained and up-to-date.

We apply our extensive knowledge to our clients’ filtering processes and aim to enhance system efficiency and functionality.

Air and liquid filtration systems

Filter-Technics provides air and liquid filtration systems, in addition to a wide range of filters.

We supply filters for compressed air, hydraulic, water, oil, fuel, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA), active carbon, panel, cartridge filters and bag filters.

Active carbon, oil mist and air filters

Air filters purifies air of unwanted substances, such as odours, dust and moisture.

Filter-Technics offers several types of air filters with different efficiencies to suit the client’s filtration needs, including active carbon and oil mist.

Dust filtering systems, sleeves, stubes and cartridges

Filter-Technics provides a wide range of filters, which control the level of dust in the working environment.

We also supply replacement filter sleeves, tubes and cartridges with thread made from materials, such as polyester and antistatic polyester.

Compressed air filters

Filter-Technics supplies a large range of high-quality compressed air systems, which can be used with various applications.

Our filters ensure pressure drops are kept to a minimum, while optimising energy efficiency levels.

Aside from electricity, water and gas, compressed air is one of the most common energy transferrers.

Along with high-quality air conditioning, factors such as economic filtering, application-oriented air quality and reliable performance need to be taken into consideration.

Compressed air, absorption and membrane dryers

Filter-Technics has a complete line of compressed air dryers, absorption dryers and membrane dryers, which meet the air quality and system solution requirements of the client.

The modular-designed product range provides customer-specific and orientated solutions and a high level of performance.

Condensate drainage and treatment

Condensate drainage and treatment requires the right equipment.

Depending on the client’s requirements, our range includes electronically controlled drainers, oil and water separators, as well as complete condensate treatment systems.

For treatment of stable oil and water emulsions of compressed air condensate, Ultrafilter International provides a guaranteed quality filter level of less than five parts per million (ppm).

Filters for vacuum pumps and compressors

Filter-Technics supplies a full range of filter housings and elements for a variety of recognised brands, such as Becker, BGS, Busch, GEV, Leybold, Mann + Hummel, Pfeiffer, PIAB, Rotant, Rietschle, Siemens, Solberg and Vuototecnica.

About Filter-Technics

Clients choose Filter-Technics because of our range of high-quality filtration products, while brands and filter manufacturers choose us as an official partner or distributor due to our excellent customer service and our in-depth product knowledge and expertise.

Our official supply and distribution partners include Amazon, Altair, Baldwin, Coral, Deltrian, Donaldson, Descase, Eaton, Fleetguard, Filtrec, Internormen, Losma, Mann, Mahle, Micronfilter, Plenty Parker and Ultrafilter.

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